Epochal Sentence Examples | Use Epochal in a sentence

1.to set up a brief chronicle for li hua is beneficial to academic research in that it may establish a solid Epochal and spatial foundation for the research of li hua.

2.the world is witnessing an Epochal global rebalancing.

3.but, recalling those Epochal reforms of30 years ago, it is worth remembering that they too tended to come in baby steps rather than great leaps, and often were formulated retrospectively.

4.the approach to the teaching and study of lu xun's works is faced with the Epochal transfer.

5.historians, it is fair to say, will probably look back on the past year or so as an Epochal moment.

6.the second opens, struggles and develops in the Epochal civilization;

7.the rise and now dominance of this emotional approach to morality is an Epochal change.

8.both mr putin and his defence minister, sergei ivanov, encouraged this Epochal thinking by talking about a new, if virtual, "berlin wall" .

9.the may4th movement in1919 is an Epochal starting point of the localization of marxist literary and artistic theory in china.

10.the implementation of such a new policy has an obvious Epochal value and historic significance.

11.however, confucius 'ideology also has the historical limits with the imprinting of Epochal and social system.

12.the article centres upon the historical cultural construction of new york school poetry in terms of urban, Epochal and cultural construction, so as to explore a new way of thinking in this regard.

13.yet the potential payoff is enormous, evidence for a other universes would be an Epochal expansion in our understanding.

14.but when paul says it here he guarantees it as representative and actual beginning of the great Epochal event (vos).

15.the chinese translation of buddhist scriptures is an Epochal event in the history of chinese culture.

16.the new Epochal intention of the ideological and political work with "taking the people as foundation"

17.on the basis of the Epochal character of the frescoes, it necessary that the developing prospect be professional and scientific.

18.most of all, the book captures with haunting immediacy the human dimension of this Epochal event.

19.these are surely the right kind of diplomatic solutions to manage an Epochal changing of the guard among the great powers .

20.this paradox is the leading, Epochal one in various moral education paradoxes, which is inevitable.

21.safeguarding and realizing the peasants 'economic interests is the Epochal theme of the rural reform

22.the essential attributes of national documents are their ethnicity and information while their non-essential attributes are their diversity and Epochal spirit.

23.there is a mood abroad that says history will record that sanctions against russia marked the start of an Epochal retreat from globalisation.

24.the mild political trend of contemporary feminism truly reflects the Epochal theme and traits of the pursuit of peace and development all over the world.

25.the construction of lighting culture cause, which has national, regional and Epochal characteristics, is an absolutely necessary basis, and promotion for the development of modern society.

26.Epochal decisions made by roosevelt and churchill; an epoch-making discovery.

27.will the election of mr obama prove to be another Epochal event?

28.if breaking away from the Epochal background and merely analyzing from the artistic and aesthetic perspective of the texts, this kind of writing tendency was not suitable in love and marriage subject.

29.to see why, consider another Epochal shift in the development of a rising economic power.

30.even this Epochal discovery was not sufficient.

31.this Epochal shift in the financial climate means that even those institutions that come through the downturn intact will face a struggle to adapt to the new environment.

32.'this was a humiliation of Epochal proportions,' says mr. caryl. 'a country that had been at the heart of the western economic and political system found itself reduced to the status of a banana republic.'

33.the magnificent and open artistic structure and Epochal spirit embody his epic pursuit;

34.while there is no reason to fear that the world in 2014 is on the edge of such an Epochal disaster, there are some disquieting similarities between then and now.

35.these are surely the right kind of diplomatic solutions to manage an Epochal changing of the guard among the great powers.

36.it was a brief, shining moment in egypt's history& a time of Epochal change presided over by a pharaoh named akhenaten and his beautiful wife nefertiti.

37.the disaster here portrayed was the Epochal destruction of the jewish nation and the fall of its capital city jerusalem in a.

38.in his Epochal -making thesis about climate change, mr lovins explains in detail the economic significance of climate change.