Epicondyle Sentence Examples | Use Epicondyle in a sentence

1.ossification of lateral Epicondyle epiphysis in advance were found in 3 cases.

2.the top view at which lateral Epicondyle of the humerus showing mini-triangulum and the anterior surface of the distal humerus articulation with the forearm being shaded is more simple, faster and precise for the volume rendering technique measuring the humeral head retroversion angle with multi slice spiral ct.

3.results the sulcus of medial Epicondyle of femur could be identified on ct images of over 80% osteoarthritic knees;

4.results the common extensor origin and external humeral Epicondyle were clearly showed on high frequency ultrasonography.

5.the clinical study of the measurement of the rotational axis of femoral Epicondyle by 2-d and 3-d images

6.innervation of lateral Epicondyle humeri: a myoelectric study

7.the level of medial Epicondyle of femur was taker as mark point to measure the position, thickness and length of all muscle nerves and their final branches with vernier caliper ( accuracy is 0.02mm), straightedge ( accuracy is 1mm), compasses and protractor.

8.the current commonly used methods are: conservative treatment, in situ lysis, ulnar nerve surgery, resection of the medial Epicondyle and other conventional methods.

9.fracture of medial Epicondyle of humerus

10.the saphenous nerve infrapatellar branch passed through the deep fascia, and crossed through the tibial medial Epicondyle anteriorly or posteriorly, offset some branches which crossed upon the patellar tendon and distributed to the lateral skin of knee.

11.the cross-sectional areas of the thigh was scanned by ct. between lesser trochanter and medial and lateral Epicondyle of femur, the thigh was sectioned four equal parts, the second, third and fourth sections were scanned by ct, the thickness was 8 mm;

12.standard tests demonstrated and reproduced pain at the lateral Epicondyle with resisted extension of the wrist and fingers.

13.a trabecular microfracture of the lateral Epicondyle, most likely caused by an impaction force, can be seen.

14.the level of medial Epicondyle of femur was taken as the mark point to measure the position and length of all muscle nerves and their final branches.

15.long-term observation of the effects of different surgical procedures for the treatment of epiphyseal separation of medial Epicondyle and the influence on the configuration of the distal end of the humerus in athletes

16.experience in treating fracture of medial Epicondyle of humerus in altitude army: report of 36 cases

17.fracture of lateral Epicondyle of humerus

18.fracture of the humeral medical Epicondyle in children

19.fracture of medial Epicondyle of humerus in pre-school children related to refracture and dislocation of elbow joint in adults: a report of 4 patients