Enhancer Sentence Examples | Use Enhancer in a sentence

1.we'll conclude by putting together all the concepts into a "stub Enhancer tool. "

2.the series concludes by putting together all the concepts into a "stub Enhancer tool".

3.in this second study a further compound, buffergel,( a vaginal defence Enhancer) is being tested.

4.goshawk fuel Enhancer is the better multi-functional liquid nanotechnology fuel Enhancer on the market.

5.the ant script is a simple script that makes use of the openjpa Enhancer tool.

6.plastic composition: unsaturated resin, glass fiber, Enhancer.

7.its regulatory region consists of a complete Enhancer and a defective Enhancer.

8.a flavor Enhancer shall be a substance which , when added to food , is capable of enhancing or improving the flavor of that food .

9.Enhancer and other additives for paper making.

10.retroweaver consists of two logical components: a bytecode Enhancer and a runtime library.

11.effect of gluten Enhancer on texture characteristics of corn dough and optimization of parameters

12.influence of penetration Enhancer on transdermal permeation of berberine hydrochloride in vitro;

13.effects of tetramethylpyrazine on expression of myocyte Enhancer factor-2a in rats with liver fibrosis

14.in our example, we have provided a simple ant script that runs the Enhancer.

15.umami has frequently been used as a flavor Enhancer, in both eastern and western cultures.

16.as a mood Enhancer, ginger's cineole content may help contribute to stress relief.

17.vinegar in their daily lives in a wide range of food value, some people say that it is a nutrient Enhancer, is no exaggeration.

18.this makes a light box a good year-round investment for those that want a mood Enhancer.

19.objective: to study the effects of different penetration Enhancer on the transdermal permeation of complex scutellaria baicalensis cataplasm.

20.to comprehend the basic elements and research direction of Enhancer concept through analysis.

21.the Enhancer screening preparation and the proportion optimization in pmma enhanced materials

22.avilamycin, a kind of orthosomycin antibiotics, is a new type of digestive Enhancer.

23.i can think of a few top executives who would benefit from such an empathy Enhancer.

24.cinnamon is an excellent flavour Enhancer.

25.study on capsaicin hydrogel prepared with hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin as a solubilizer and penetration Enhancer

26.whether transcranial electrical stimulation proves to be a useful cognitive Enhancer remains to be seen.

27.you can use the stub Enhancer tool to save development time in building j2me-based secure web services applications.

28.application of membrane performance Enhancer in membrane bioreactor

29.the new light-Enhancer system boosts light reflection, leaving luscious coat of radiant translucent color on your lips.

30.this time, let's explore a third and especially effective performance Enhancer.

31.intestinal absorption studies on low molecular weight heparin in rats using cell-penetrating peptide r_6 as absorption Enhancer

32.it can be used as feed protein, soy sauce raw material, cultivation medium, flavor Enhancer raw material, and can be recycled in vinegar process after proper treatment.

33.in a youtube video posted recently he explained: 'we add reaction Enhancer and put it in the exploder to produce the artificial meat. '

34.the above imperative Enhancer is not so bad.

35.when video Enhancer works with video, it decompresses it using a codec installed in your system.

36.the series concludes by putting together all the concepts into a "stub Enhancer tool" .

37.objective to detect the polymorphism int he thymidylate synthase promoter Enhancer region ( tser) in primary gastrointestinal cancer.

38.both garlic and echinacea are antiviral and antibacterial and liquorice is a good immune system Enhancer.

39.pharmacological research in compositions of traditional chinese medicine anti-hepatic fibrosis pharmacodynamic and toxicology of herbal medicine immunity Enhancer

40.objective: introduce the development of the eucalyptus oil as a transdermal absorption Enhancer.