Endogenesis Sentence Examples | Use Endogenesis in a sentence

1.phosphorous metabolize of animal and research of Endogenesis phosphorous

2.the paragenesis organization is a quasi market organization between the market and agricultural enterprises, and it is determined by organizations efficiency Endogenesis.

3.analysis on the status quo and problems of shandong's Endogenesis innovation capability

4.from the perspective of Endogenesis, it is a reflection of the adjustment of the economic and employment structures;

5.in general, it is an Endogenesis variable, an integrate concept of economy, technology and society.

6.an Endogenesis explanation of enterprise value-net advantage: knowledge management

7.free radicals are eliminated by beer for the Endogenesis antioxidative activity to a certain extent.

8.the phytohormone ethylene regulates many aspects of plant growth, development, and environmental responses. it's very import to study the biosynthesis of Endogenesis of ethylene and ethylene signaling pathway.

9.conclusions kidney dialysis might start Endogenesis coagulation and fibrinolysis in the patients.

10.the butterfly-effect of risk-acceleration results from the Endogenesis and exogenous causes.

11.a study on Endogenesis relationship between regional informationization level and economy growth

12.a research into the relationship between the effectiveness of monetary policy and the Endogenesis of monetary supply

13.all of key contents in our vaccine belong to Endogenesis and will avoid human race differences at treatment efficacy.

14.based the review of existing theories of money supply, the paper adopts the cointegrate test, granger causality and impulse response test to analyze the Endogenesis of money supply in china.

15.three kinds of Endogenesis phytohormones in latex of rootstock and scion of hevea brasiliensis were tested by using pgria: iaa, ipas, aba.

16.the study on the Endogenesis hormone and dynamic growth of apricot varieties during florescence and fruit period

17.then it draws a conclusion that capital structure is the Endogenesis factor to select corporation governance models.

18.after comprehensively harnessing, the Endogenesis pollution may become main internal loading of nutrient in the lake.

19.the experimental analysis shows that electronic money has higher monetary multiplier effects, enhances the Endogenesis of money multiplier, increase the difficulty for central banks to control money supply, and thereby decrease the effectiveness of monetary policy.

20.quantity and ecological dominance of Endogenesis rhizobia in bud seedling and seeds of alfalfa

21.manpower capital, investment structure and the Endogenesis economy increase

22.the study advance of the Endogenesis drug xerium inhalation administration

23.it is an Endogenesis hormone that is the key regulator of calcium calcium, phosphorus, and bone metabolism.

24.external cause and Endogenesis are two impetus mechanisms of the r& d globalization for multinational companies;

25.it's very import to study the biosynthesis of Endogenesis ethylene and ethylene signaling pathway.

26.the valid execution and expansions of "the credit bank" system is decided by positive linkage effect in which saving credits mechanism, loaning credits mechanism and exchanging credits mechanism Endogenesis.

27.for the first time and under the same condition, the experiment makes a study of the influence of regular exercises with different intensity on Endogenesis nos of blood plates.

28.experiments were conducted to study the relationship of Endogenesis abscisic acid content in leaf, stem, and root and the yield formation of maize under soil drought conditions in the observation field at gucheng agrometeorological experimental base of chinese academy of meteorological science.

29.content changes of Endogenesis hormone in apple root under drought press

30.the rooting mechanism of plant test tube plantlet, such as gene expression and heredity transformation, the relationship between the Endogenesis hormone and vigour of enzyme with rooting;

31.the two modes of hi-tech industry development, the Endogenesis and expansion, have their differences in the aspects of locational factors, location choice, space scale, and functional layout.

32.and point out that the level of the interest rate by strict with control is determined by Endogenesis in our economy development, and strengthened in the gradual reformation, it is a reasonable and necessary system in the economy developing.

33.efficiency ism and new-industrial organization illustrate market structure as Endogenesis factor, while structure ism illustrate market as exogenous.

34.determination technology assessment of Endogenesis amino acid

35.we may regulate the balance of Endogenesis hormone to control the fruits senescence.

36.Endogenesis hormone change in different developmental stage stipe of volvariella volvacea

37.a research on Endogenesis instability of international monetary system

38.background and purpose: many kinds of Endogenesis neuropeptides have been isolated and studied since p substance was purified in1931.they have various functions on regulation to nerve system.