Endocarp Sentence Examples | Use Endocarp in a sentence

1.Endocarp globose, slightly oblique, convex, with conspicuous, scattered netlike strips, midrib projecting.

2.the change of fruit anatomical structure shows cell of exocarp, sarcocarp and Endocarp division and enlargement.

3.transverse section, powder characteristics, physicochemical characteristics of fruits was observed and described. the identification methods of fruits were also studied. stone cells of Endocarp were observed for the first time.

4.changes of enzyme activity during the depositive process of lignin in peach Endocarp

5.the cell division stopped later in Endocarp than that in mesocarp.

6.Endocarp crustaceous, with prominent veins forming a reticulate pattern (with faveolate cavities).

7.during the process of natural stratification, the tem of Endocarp and the sem of endosperm showed that: the shell is mainly formed by the sclerenchyma, sclerenchyma was strongly thickened, and arrayed densely.

8.this paper reviews the extraction, component analysis and biological activity on polysaccharide in Endocarp of ginkgo biloba ( gbep).

9.leaf blade broadly elliptic, similar to pear leaves, margin serrulate or serrate; pyrenees oblong, Endocarp stony.

10.cultivated varieties of almonds have been named for whether the seeds are sweet or bitter and whether the Endocarp is hard or fragile.

11.we simply removed from the cracked Endocarp with sterile tweezers.

12.Endocarp cartilaginous, discharged elastically with seeds at dehiscence.

13.the smooth Endocarp surface further suggests a warm temperate or temperate palaeoclimate.

14.the content of tannin in episperm was the highest, the hypocotyl and Endocarp followed.

15.fruit a berrylike drupe with membranous or papery Endocarp, rarely drupaceous or loculicidal.

16.studies of changes in sugar accumulation and lignin deposition during peach fruit Endocarp development

17.the anatomical reasons for the main color ( brown) of longan exocarp surface and easier browning in Endocarp than in exocarp of the fruit, longan pericarp morphology and structure in relation with fruit storability and transport were discussed.

18.Endocarp easy to separate from seed.

19.the Endocarp and seed-coat inhibit the germination in different degree, the stratification time of the seeds without Endocarp was ahead of schedule, both removing the Endocarp and seed-coat could break the dormancy immediately, the percentage of the germination reached 78%;

20.Endocarp woody; leaf blade ovate, glabrous throughout, apex obtuse or shortly and broadly acuminate.

21.the effects of Endocarp, seed-coat, ga3 and stratification on seed dormancy and germination were studied with wild cherry plum.

22.micromorphology of the Endocarp and the testa morphology of four medicinal cinnamomum plants in guizhou

23.the novel use "loses the paradise" the narration pattern, this kind of pattern has the cultural Endocarp illustration; it is a generation of person spirit crisis.

24.the Endocarp is hardened before the final swell.

25.the stony Endocarp of a drupe , as in a peach or cherry .

26.colorful epidermis could attract birds to eat the fruit, Endocarp which was made up of stone cells could prevent seed from being digested by digestive juice in birds 'stomach, and gelatinous cell of mesocarp could make the seed stick to the trunk of its host.

27.leaf blade base broadly cuneate to rounded, margin obtusely serrate; drupe and Endocarp ellipsoid to oblong.

28.the cause of acanthopanax senticosus seed dormancy is studied in this article from the structure characteristic of seed shell ( Endocarp), the growth condition of the embryo, the endogene germination inhibitor.

29.the pericarp was made of epicarp, mesocarp and Endocarp.

30.a fleshy, indehiscent fruit with a stony Endocarp surrounding a usually single seed as in a peach or cherry.

31.Endocarp thin, fragile crustaceous, outside wrinkled, inside with warty or spinose protuberances penetrating endosperm.

32.the frugivorous birds can obtain necessary nutrients from the fruits, and promote the dispersal of the seeds of the fleshy fruits enclosed by hard seed coat or by hard Endocarp within their habitats.

33.the mesocarp was the main part of pericarp, and the cell of Endocarp was small and transparent in early stage, and it became into hard shell that was made of lignification stone cells.