Empress Sentence Examples | Use Empress in a sentence

1.you how know me am a king Empress?

2.cheney also had an audience with japanese emperor akihito and Empress michiko later in the day.

3.the black dragon pool chapel, near peking, was reserved for the Empress and her court.

4.being so near the august person of the Empress, he was overcome with awe.

5.mr. zhu: (through translator) his great-grandfather told him he'd see a eunuch coming out of the Empress dowager's room carrying a bowl.

6.nobody was allowed to eat in the Empress dowager's presence.

7.her chinese friends referred to the Empress as their venerable ancestor.

8.i am an ordinary person, i am not the emperor or Empress.

9.the Empress dowager of the qing dynasty attended to state affairs for several decades.

10.one look at this jewellery box, the Empress will think we have the real anastasia.

11.the second section discusses the rank system between the Empress and imperial concubines in the han dynasty.

12.i thought i was talking to the last Empress dowager of china.

13.his own first experience of the ocean was as a teenager in 1963 aboard the liner "Empress of britain" ; liverpool to montreal in seven days.

14.in1911 she presented an embroidered portrait to the italian Empress as a national gift.

15.the best he could think of was to say, i think they're wonderful, Empress.

16.you are why to am like this to me the disloyalty, i do not wanted you to do the king Empress;

17.one day on his way to the kunlun mountain to call on friends, he ran upon the Empress of heaven wangmu who was passing by.

18.this hall was the residence of the Empress during the ming and qing dynasties.

19.i saw the Empress and her young princess on the balcony.

20.' "that's nothing, " ostap said softly. "what's a horseshoe? for you i could forge out of this very same steel a jewel fit for an Empress. "

21.the Empress was wearing a belt made up entirely of pearls sewn into linen.

22.after mass he went to the Empress and spent a few minutes in the bosom of his family, joking with the children and his wife.

23.the Empress expected everyone to bow and scrape to her.

24.the Empress took one spoonful of the lotion once daily, used one wine-cup of it to wash her face, and one teacup of it in her bath.

25.in keeping with tradition, the emperor and Empress did not attend the ceremony

26.at this point the Empress, with her trembling head and fixed smile, entered followed by nicholas.

27.after eating the fine snack, Empress dowager cixi was fairly satisfied.

28.they did for Empress thatcher, and i hear it said that they will get me too.

29.you should not have worked for the Empress.

30.befitting or belonging to an emperor or Empress.

31.in china, dragon and phoenix symbolism is associated closely with the imperial family& the emperor ( dragon) and the Empress ( phoenix).

32.although his mother was the Empress dowager, she was so nervous about this that she could never sleep in peace.

33.a few people along the tunnel to a secret location, was surprised to see that the emperor Empress wu.

34.there's one at the Empress concert hall.

35.ambassadors and plenipotentiaries bowed low as the emperor and Empress entered.

36.a front an Empress, with the world resonance.

37.but the Empress kneels to the emperor as a wife to her husband.

38.during the early years of his reign, he was largely aided by his grandmother, the grand Empress dowager, xiaozhuang.

39.the third emperor yongle of the ming dynasty and his wife Empress xu were buried in this tomb.

40.time, he that king Empress again say to him, the king ask him and should how answer.