Ellipse Sentence Examples | Use Ellipse in a sentence

1.singer-songwriter imogen heap was one of the few british winners, picking up best engineered non-classical album for Ellipse.

2.first of all, we will arrange the images around an Ellipse.

3.drag onto the page to add a circle or Ellipse with text that stays level when shape is rotated.

4.so here is an Ellipse, a here is p and here is a.

5.the cross section shapes of the pits are same with that of the lock hole of the intramedullary nail, which are roundness or Ellipse.

6.create another Ellipse for the ladybug's head.

7.also the curves can express the circle arc and Ellipse arc and can construct rotate surfaces.

8.well, if i look at it from above xy, my Ellipse looks like just a circle of radius a.

9.man is not a circle with a single centre; he is an Ellipse with a double focus.

10.the form of pores is Ellipse close to round , goes against to the lock age of pores , and also keeps off the water loss effectively .

11.geometric data of Ellipse in hyperbolic space are considered, such as perimeter and mean absolute curvature.

12.then with the direct selection tool ( a), select the right anchor point in the Ellipse.

13.design method of Ellipse shoulder forming device was simplified with four-center method.

14.and give a different Ellipse tube experimental correlations for heat transfer and resistance, compares its performance.

15.allowing one axis of the Ellipse to dwindle to zero, the crack limit solution is obtained.

16.finishing machining and rough machining for numeric control turning Ellipse curve are investigated through four arc approximation method and the macro program method.

17.draws an arc representing a portion of an Ellipse specified by a pair of coordinates, a width, and a height.

18.a shape that is generated by rotating an Ellipse around one of its axes.

19.in p. salicina, leaves with a green petiole were long Ellipse and wedge-like at the base, with no hair on the surface and petiole.

20.fills the interior of an Ellipse defined by a bounding rectangle specified by a pair of coordinates, a width, and a height.

21.you can see that you have got an oval shaped Ellipse.

22.a prolate spheroid is generated by revolving an Ellipse about its major axis.

23.of course, if i make the total energy positive, it's not an Ellipse, so then it's all over.

24.why not simply specify starting and ending points on the circumference of the Ellipse?

25.button shape for a custom polygon, Ellipse, or plucked out of a bitmap graphic decision.

26.but, you know, an Ellipse is just a squished circle.

27.to solve the sphere ranging problem of fixed monocular vision, the analytical formulation of Ellipse center offset is deduced, and the calibration method using this formulation is proposed.

28.the earth orbits in an Ellipse.

29.pollen equator of chinese and mongolian seabuckthorn is suborbicular and that of russian seabuckthorn is Ellipse.

30.when we view a circle at an angle, we see an Ellipse.

31.next, rotate and store this matrix; then, offset from the current coordinate system with translate ( which is applied from the previously rotated and translated matrices), and draw a red Ellipse.

32.it's the focus of the Ellipse.

33.drag to add a circle defined by diameter. adjustable eccentricity allows for Ellipse.

34.the collaboration is shown using the classifier notation ( a partitioned rectangle), rather than the dashed Ellipse notation.

35.if this is an Ellipse around the earth, then this would be perigee and this would be apogee.

36.think of it as being an Ellipse& and this is another one.

37.the body travels in an Ellipse, the fixed point being at on focus.

38.a the Ellipse has a semimajor axis a,-2a perigee to apogee& is2a.

39.in this paper, a new methodology was proposed based on the connected convex curve searching and Ellipse fitting.