Elf Sentence Examples | Use Elf in a sentence

1.people had been thinking that a night Elf hunter would become a priestess of the moon.

2.as an Elf object, this file has a very specific structure that can be easily parsed and validated.

3.i will listen because my lord ( Elf) speaks wisely.

4.when he wanted to run away, he heard once more the sound of the harp and the little Elf on the hill stood before him.

5.reluctantly he departed night Elf lands.

6.because, you know, being an Elf, i love to sing.

7.but if he was actually an Elf, how could he be a spy in the human griffin empire?

8.the fairy talked to pinocchio. you don't have to blush,@ said the Elf.

9.you asked me who i am,@ said the Elf.

10.he said offhandedly, watching as the Elf quickly stopped trying to get to her spell components.

11."breathe with it" , she whispered sharply, but there was no response from the Elf.

12.i* i'm not an Elf, santa.

13.why, perhaps this Elf can help me.

14.henry: that "monster" is just a cute little Elf ! what's the matter with you?

15.now our newbie orc and night Elf are engaged in mortal combat.

16.she went with the Elf cut?

17.night Elf and dwarven inns have new music added.

18.begone, trifling Elf! i am in control now!

19.you've only seen some of the great blood Elf architecture with silvermoon city.

20.the dark Elf's eyes, black and unreadable in the faint light of the chamber, swept with a measured, calculating gaze over the scene below.

21.the first text page contains the Elf header, the program header table, and other information.

22.ah, sir, ask no more, ask no more of poor dobby, stammered the Elf, his eyes huge in the dark.

23.you know, Elf, we might not be the richest family in town.

24.it wasn't the Elf; patrick had done it himsElf!

25.and what's santa doingto that Elf?

26.blood Elf, they're cool. i'm a rogue.

27.you more like a naughty Elf, and i kept on holding micang.

28.to be an Elf is to find your distances of time.

29.Elf: a small, often mischievous creature considered to have magical powers.

30.if you wish to see a film about a happy little Elf.

31.you know not what you ask of me, Elf.

32.this Elf will draw the sword of justice.

33.i'm just happy being an Elf, really. you know, just part of it all.

34.finally the last day of school arrived and the Elf was free to go.

35.the dwarf and stab formats are the most widely used executable and linking format ( Elf).

36.one of the reasons for her popularity was the fact that she was so Elf like and had class, unlike the goddesses of the time.

37.the night Elf character that i saw had morphing skills. she was able to turn into a bear and raven and attack in both forms.

38.nobody who uses magic should feel safe when amongst blood elves unless they are a blood Elf as well.

39.i can only imagine what the Elf sees when she closes her eyes.

40.i am a very busy Elf! i plan on getting around to it one of these decades!