Elegies Sentence Examples | Use Elegies in a sentence

1.Elegies of chu nourished han fu and had deep and lasting influence on the later literature.

2.wen yiduo in is our country contemporary history antiquity generation of literature research aspect everybody, studied in "chu Elegies" on has obtained the prominent contribution.

3.Elegies and odes& a look at the consciousness of life in western children literature

4.there exists a special group of plants in nine songs from Elegies of chu, whose vigorous growth symbolizes their vitality.

5.and so the staff is a captive audience for their manager's jazz-band gigs, Elegies over his approach shot to the17th green, or any other avocation mistaken as part of the vocation.

6.Elegies on civilization and desire: tracing the source of blanche's tragic fate in a streetcar named desire

7.on the spiritual wasteland in robert lowell's Elegies

8.the works such as li sao, as the best expression of the times passions, reached the development peak of Elegies of chu.

9.draws the conclusion finally in the article: the ba witch culture in the ba song, the ba dance and the myth fable two aspects has affected "chu Elegies" the creation.

10.faced with the silence of infinite space and time, how mankind dwelling on earth reliably is the main theme of the Elegies.

11.he uses unique ways to echo Elegies for the niceness in his fantastic novels.

12.all of these coastal songs, or the ancient sea Elegies have one thing in common, that is, they have won the public's favorite.

13.a comparison of the aesthetics in Elegies of chinese and english so-called mourn poetry is to mourn the deceased wife, concubine and prostitute.

14.Elegies of mourning and self-mourning& comment on some mournful poems by li shangyin

15.the familiar trance-like experience, mellifluous rhythm and pictorial descriptions make it one of the best Elegies in english literature.

16.selected discussion on chu Elegies 'grammatical feature

17.songs of redemption from death& study on the Elegies of tao yuanming

18.tao yuanming's poetry and qu yuan and his chu Elegies differ in aesthetic taste.

19.great poet qu yuan, itch Elegies' founder and represents the writer.

20.away with Elegies and dirges!

21.when had been Elegies of chu transmit into japan?

22.the formation of the four-syllable words aabb in Elegies of chu is also complicated, which can be classified as three: either aa+ bb or the extension of ab;

23.the works of li sao expanded the artistic creation of Elegies of chu from quantity and led Elegies of chu to the declined phase.

24.by the description of dolls, animals, human and angels, duino Elegies reveals the existence of human beings which are "unreliable".

25.from the emotion and content which display by chu Elegies, we can determine that qu yuan was once exiled.

26.meanwhile, his works also shows that the image can take on the colors of "depression" like Elegies.

27.part 3, analyzing the amalgamation and surpass of ruan ji towards lao zi, zhuang zi, the book of songs and Elegies of chu.

28.regatding the proportion of the Elegies to the entire poetry, the chinese Elegies are much more than the english ones.

29.finally summarized wen yiduo to study everybody with simultaneously generation of chu Elegies the difference, had pointed out he studied contribution and significance.

30.the Elegies for women in different ages& on the people-oriented principle in "shangyang white-headed elders" and "companion"

31.in all five Elegies the construction of the verses follows an alphabetical arrangement.

32.cultural perspective: love and death of chinese and western Elegies

33.in propertius's love Elegies, the first line of the first poem reads "cynthia was the first to capture me with her eyes" .

34.according to their contents, the psalms may be grouped as follows: ( 1) hymns of praise,( 2) Elegies, and ( 3) didactic psalms.