Elegantly Sentence Examples | Use Elegantly in a sentence

1.he stood before me, not quite knowing what to do with his hands. finally he placed them in the pockets of his Elegantly- tailored silk suit.

2.this enabled me to avoid code duplication more Elegantly than i could have with a procedural language.

3.his proposal is Elegantly simple.

4.all 300 Elegantly furnished rooms have private bath.

5.both of these powerful frameworks have Elegantly extended junit to provide features otherwise not found in its core code; and now groovy has gone and done it too!

6.mars and jupiter will be Elegantly angled, allowing you to see plainly how much you are treasured.

7.and then he answered it Elegantly in a very small number of pages.

8.i had spent the whole day trying to use words Elegantly and now would have to start all over again.

9.her hand holding the fan is Elegantly positioned above her knees.

10.lovett's main contribution lay in Elegantly sarcastic phrases.

11.i try to follow this advice myself, and it is Elegantly demonstrated in a wide-ranging new book from robert frank, the economic naturalist.

12.to sum it up: the citroen c5 is an Elegantly designed mid-range car that impresses with its appearance and thorough workmanship.

13.we each in turn take a sticky, sweet bean ball and eat it with a tiny wooden pick. not easy to do Elegantly.

14.an Elegantly dressed man ( often with affected manners).

15.he was Elegantly dressed in a grey suit, blue shirt and paisley tie.

16.he leaned Elegantly against the door.

17.jimmy and his partner drifted Elegantly around the room.

18.an Elegantly dressed nobleman stepped out and introduced himself as the father of the boy farmer fleming had saved.

19.within you could see people Elegantly dressed and partying, completely oblivious to a town closed for the evening.

20.the ultimate issue is your ability to think about and conceptualize'something to say'and once you have done that, find the language that allows you to say it most directly and Elegantly.

21.while all these requirements are realistic and drawn from experience, they cannot be Elegantly addressed using pure oop.

22.Elegantly attired in an orange dress, master received a very warm welcome as she stepped onto the stage.

23.also do not have to say too teases speech, inorder to avoid the guest "bursts out laughing" , makes everybody to feel not Elegantly.

24.romantic lavender originated from provence, Elegantly kisses each part of your skin like fresh breeze.

25.Elegantly styled ming furnishings seem to break free from the jet-black stone in a michelangelesque sculptural manner.

26.together, they perform this service Elegantly and efficiently with few lines of code.

27.she always dresses simply but Elegantly.

28.we'll use the algorithm described in the section on parallel algorithms to solve this problem Elegantly.

29.he could see the young face, hear the young warm Elegantly accented voice pouring out these hurried words.

30.supplement: i found a lady walked Elegantly when i was going to review my video in the park.

31.i find this kind of bear fund Elegantly simple and uncomplicated.

32.in process server v7.0, the problem is Elegantly addressed by the introduction of the store-and-forward feature.

33.she was Elegantly dressed with a double strand of pearls about her neck.

34.she was reclining Elegantly on the sofa.

35.he saw a lady, a fashionable, Elegantly dressed lady, and yet the door remained almost closed.

36.the members of these groups do not express themselves as accurately or as Elegantly as their critics do.

37.using chopsticks to eat chicken wings Elegantly is one skill that i have yet to master!

38.the flora by gucci logo Elegantly sets itself apart from the surface of the front side through blind embossing.

39.all features must be cleanly and Elegantly integrated into the language.