Electrostatic Sentence Examples | Use Electrostatic in a sentence

1.you can understand Electrostatic charges by means of a very simple experiment.

2.and so this is really a mechanical term, if you like, and this is Electrostatic or coulombic.

3.an electric field microsensor based on Electrostatic comb-driven and differential detecting was presented.

4.by a strong Electrostatic principle, light hair brush completely non-stick easy to carry.

5.based on the Electrostatic precipitator's distributed control system, the esp intellective management software was developed.

6.the product only can be applied to the Electrostatic precipitator of this project.

7.the results of this might have important meaning to further explore the macroscopical Electrostatic biological effects.

8.magnetic and Electrostatic simulator

9.equipment that applies human body model Electrostatic discharges to a component.

10.this paper briefly introduced the principle, structure and choice of high-tension Electrostatic generator for powder painting.

11.the effect of sds on interaction of high voltage Electrostatic field of catalase was studied.

12.three alterable experimental parameters were chosen: liquid pressure, flux and Electrostatic voltage.

13.Electrostatic flocking blinds (shading fabric) is not easy to dirty without frequent cleaning.

14.development trend of power supply for Electrostatic precipitator is discussed according to the characteristics of high frequency power supply.

15.measures to test and control Electrostatic charge in fluidized beds were introduced and further research direction was suggested.

16.effect of high-voltage Electrostatic field on saccharomyces cerevisiae;

17.Electrostatic precipitator is adopted as dust collector for ebullition furnace.

18.pipe wall Electrostatic effect is often produced in the pipe of air-solid phase pneumatic conveying.

19.Electrostatic repulsion occurs between identical charges:-and-, or+ and+.

20.the surface charging progress of material in geosynchronous environments is studied by means of Electrostatic pic code.

21.if workshop too dry, easy to Electrostatic raises the business card printing and membership card making.

22.a research on the space electric field distribution of the Electrostatic discharge needle installed on the aircraft was undertaken.

23.it includes Electrostatic printing and ink-jet printing.

24.the killing bacterium test was done, and the effects of Electrostatic spray and traditional spray are compared.

25.storage stable, easy to use, the use of esd conductive round, effectively eliminate Electrostatic . applicable for the electronics factory.

26.a novel Electrostatic microrelay with parallel-comb drive structure and its fabrication process were presented.

27.it is designed for dust removal and Electrostatic neutralization by high air flow.

28.it deduces the formula of capacitance computation and Electrostatic force of three models.

29.a complex image theory for Electrostatic problem in a rectangular resonant cavity is set up.

30.theoretical analysis and experimental research on bipolar charging phenomena and Electrostatic potential distribution in gas-solid fluidized beds were carried out.

31.the design of Electrostatic water membrane dedusting system is realized based on plc and touching screen.

32.some suggestions to improve uniformity of the periphery of Electrostatic deflection field are outlined in the discussion.

33.be used for the surface with Electrostatic precdence anlistatig coatings increase a coating method to eliminate static electricity.

34.in the life Electrostatic matter with safety of drive a vehicle?

35.this was followed by laminating before or immediately after, pine and Electrostatic after causing great weather is often seen in humidity.

36.disperse dyes and magnetic powders were selected to make the toner for the textile Electrostatic printing.

37.the diode is photosensitive, so it should be enclosed with r1 in a light-tight Electrostatic shield.

38.no Electrostatic, and with the liquid solvent used in conjunction, can be used for general waste disposal.

39.the long-term effect of high voltage Electrostatic field ( hvef) treatment on rapeseed is studied.

40.these finishes make the surface of the material more conductive so that Electrostatic charges will be dissipated.