Economies Sentence Examples | Use Economies in a sentence

1.he said ek studied carriers from small countries with robust Economies, like swissair and singapore airlines, when it was established.

2.large supermarket chains determined the nature of the Economies of scale of large supermarket chains to be set up distribution centers.

3.investors were spooked by slowing Economies.

4.different Economies, with different currencies, should not be aggregated to produce uniform policies

5.the plan was introduced ahead of a summit next week in london of 20 major and developing Economies struggling with the global recession.

6.'the Economies of china and africa are supplementary, ' he said. 'we think africa will become a very important driver of global growth. ' firms are desperate to achieve Economies of scale.

8.not many Economies bloomed in 1990, least of all gold exporters like australia

9.the paradox is that the region's most dynamic Economies have the most primitive financial systems

10.perhaps oddly, financing these fast-growing deficits has not so far been a problem, at least for the major advanced Economies.

11.the report notes that export and import volumes picked up in leading Economies

12.the oecd issued a grim forecast for the Economies of advanced industrialised countries.

13.just how much governments of rich countries should borrow and spend to boost their Economies is disputed.

14.republics will have voting rights proportionate to the size of their Economies

15.if the world is to avoid environmental catastrophe, advanced Economies must undergo a profound transition.

16.the Economies of the coastal cities got off to a flying start.

17.they will make Economies by hiring fewer part-time workers.

18.he said that britain would not rejoin the erm 'until there is much greater symmetry between our economy and other european Economies.'

19."emerging Economies are getting stronger, " mr. tsai said. "the industry dynamic is always evolving. anything can happen. " recent years the austrian economy has outperformed most other industrial Economies

21.Economies have peaks and troughs. far will members have progressed towards harmonising their Economies?

23.whether emerging Economies develop fast enough to start denting this figure will be one of the defining themes of the next decade.

24.these Economies will no doubt maintain their dominance of financial markets, though their politics are a bit rough, they have the sort of prosperous, technology-based Economies that vietnam aspires to.

26.shrinking Economies mean falling tax revenues and more government debt.

27.the fragile Economies of several southern african nations could be irreparably damaged

28.europe's Economies have converged in several areas. more interestingly, there has been convergence in economic growth rates

29.economics aims to explain how Economies work and how economic agents interact.

30.he has made various little Economies.'s emerging Economies will be on a self-sustaining cycle of growth

32.they have built their Economies at the expense of the other nations of the world.

33.his theory was inapplicable to many underdeveloped Economies.

34.this has drastic effects on society and Economies.

35.just as you cannot hide obesity, you cannot hide the huge costs of these diseases to Economies and societies.

36.adequate housing is possible in developed, mixed Economies wherein the interests of the poor have prevailed. seems almost inevitable that north african Economies will still be primarily oriented towards europe

38.those show that people are trying to use wolfram alpha for complicated things like comparing the Economies of two countries.

39.we're trying to make a few Economies.

40.a customs union would integrate the Economies of these countries.