Eclogite Sentence Examples | Use Eclogite in a sentence

1.and the late one is high-pressure greenschist facies to Eclogite facies metamorphism.

2.magnetic petrology of the high fe-ti Eclogite from the chinese continental scientific drilling ( ccsd) main hole

3.the Eclogite and garnet pyroxenite enclaves are of high-temperature genesis and are products of partial melting of the upper mantle.

4.the Eclogite facies stage which is high-pressure facies;

5.therefore, phengite from granitic gneiss without Eclogite basically contains no excess ar.

6.abundant Eclogite xenoliths are found in mesozoic dioritic rocks from xuzhou-suzhou area, central china. a result, the Eclogite was transformed to epidote-bearing amphibolite.

8.this is obviously different from Eclogite of dabie-sulu area.

9.coesite Eclogite was discovered by the authors in xinxian county, henan province, central china in1992.

10.this kind of unusual Eclogite provides an opportunity to study the deep subduction of mafic lower continental crust and its recycling and effects on the mantle heterogeneity.

11.Eclogite plays an important role in mantle convection and dynamics in subduction zone.

12.geochemical characteristics and implication of the Eclogite gravels from mesozoic strata in the north margin of the dabie orogenic belt;

13.petrology, mineralogy and ptt path for the Eclogite from central qiangtang, northern tibet, china

14.zircon overgrowth domains or neo-crystals under uhp Eclogite facies provide evidences for fluid activity in mantle depth subduction zone.

15.this paper analyzes the mode of occurrence and mineral chemical, petrochemical and element geochemical characteristics of Eclogite in the dabie mountains area.

16.the garnets consist mainly of almandine and grossularite, and belong to c-type Eclogite.

17.geochemistry and chronology of the Eclogite belt in central china

18.this paper deals with high-and ultrahigh-pressure Eclogite, its occurrence, classification, petrology and mineral features and metamorphism. every Eclogite zone there are abundant garnet amphibolites which look very like Eclogites both in occurrence and minerals assemblage.

20.anisotropy and reflective strength is enhanced by mylonitic gneiss and foliated Eclogite in ductile shear zone.

21.this paper studied the contact relation between Eclogite and its country rock in junan-rizhao area.

22.the hydrogen and oxygen isotope compositions of single minerals and whole-rock were measured for coesite-bearing Eclogite at shima and quartz-bearing Eclogite at huangzhen in southeastern dabie.

23.basic characteristics of the donghai Eclogite type rutile deposit in jiangsu province

24.both the Eclogite and the felsic gneiss have not undergone the same high-pressure metamorphic event.

25.the Eclogite remains well its original characteristics, which has only suffered slight retrogressive metamorphism.

26.the coesite-bearing Eclogite samples were collected from the bixiling body of yuexi county, anhui province, part of the dabie mountains.

27.with occurrences of massive and taxitic, type ⅱ Eclogite occurs associated with ultrabasic rocks;

28.the petrological and geochemical characteristics of the Eclogite face metamorphic palaeo-ocean crust ( serpentite, type c Eclogite and basic mylonite) have been studied with electron-probe and other methods.

29.the Eclogite coexisting with this uhp marble contains apatites showing exsolution texture.

30.zircon u-pb age and hf isotope composition of a quartz vein in ultrahigh-pressure Eclogite from the western dabie orogen

31.dr. xu zhiqin, a chinese geologist, first discovered coesite in the Eclogite in the west of tianzhu mountain in 1987.

32.discovery of apatite with copper-bearing pyrrhotite exsolution in an Eclogite from rongcheng, eastern shandong province

33.information on Eclogite rheology is of great implication for understanding of collision belts and the deeper levels of subducted zone.

34.oceanic subduction - type Eclogite in the lhasa block, tibet, china: remains of the paleo- tethys ocean basin?

35.the Eclogite bearing high pressure metamorphic belt in the jiaonan uplift is the eastward extension of the dabie ultra high pressure belt.