Eater Sentence Examples | Use Eater in a sentence

1.dave is a big Eater but he's met his match with gordon-he eats like a horse!

2.can i love a meat Eater?

3.the next morning the sleep Eater may be able to recall vague images of what she did. or not., i really can not. i have always been a light Eater.

5.iguanodon was a plant Eater. other meat eating dinosaurs would kill the iguanodon to eat it.

6.pinocchio ran to him and scurrying like a squirrel up the long black beard, he gave fire Eater a loving kiss on the tip of his nose. are a poor Eater.

8.he was a very finicky Eater.

9.but to be a truly successful pirate and not just the son of a biscuit Eater, well, ya had to know a bit of science too.

10.this 3-foot-long croc was a plant- and grub-Eater with a pair of buckteeth in the lower jaw it used to dig for food. one time he was a good Eater, he would eat4 cakes at a time.

12.what protects the sea dragon from a meat Eater's attack?

13.about how we were at school together. what i was good at. he said i was a death Eater.

14.she is a non-meat Eater.

15.even the most finicky Eater will find something appetizing here.

16.john would not be overweight if he were not such a voracious Eater.

17.don't worry about me, i'm not a fussy Eater.

18.a dainty Eater, he found that his mates, finishing first, robbed him of his unfinished ration. there was no defending it.

19.the phantom cake Eater has been here again!

20.with fewer bison, grass shoots were not Eater, so grass did not grow as strongly.

21.that's why a drug addict's demand is much more inelastic than a beef Eater's.

22.i'm also a stress Eater, which means campaigns are very hard on me. death Eater may kill another death Eater without a very good reason.

24.i've never been a fussy Eater

25.the silenced death Eater zaps hermione with a purple flame, knocking her out for the next two chapters.

26.i know that this method is a fillrate-Eater and that it is probably not suitable for games for the next year or two.

27.a man in america is the fastest banana Eater.

28.i've never been much of an Eater. death Eater tries to escape, but dumbledore reels him in.

30.not so cool! this dinosaur is a meat Eater. ballas became known as the "weed king" . as he once told the houston chronicle, "a weed Eater comes along once in a lifetime. "

32.i have been a hard-core meat Eater all my life.

33.brains like that, you could be a death Eater, son.

34.abstemious meals; a light Eater; a light smoker; ate a light supper. this time, snape reveals he was a death Eater., really, i've never been much of an Eater.

37.higgins said: "people call me a man-Eater and a black widow, but i am not, i just like to be happy in life. "

38.tomato sauce stewed the pork and sausages, it's the meat Eater ivano's favorite.

39.lily potter is not alive, and she never was a death Eater.