Earliness Sentence Examples | Use Earliness in a sentence

1.according to later analysis, the Earliness with which a country left the gold standard reliably predicted its economic recovery.

2.identical parallel machine Earliness/ tardiness scheduling problem with common due date is studied.

3.studies on biochemical assistant breeding technology of Earliness without premature senescence of the short-season upland cotton

4.because of the first discovery. the Earliness gene was named as ef-3 ( t).

5.the character of Earliness in wheat is a recessive inheritance.

6.differential evolution algorithm for Earliness/ tardiness hybrid flow-shop scheduling problem

7.a scheduling problem in group technology with Earliness award and tardiness penalty

8.inheritance analysis of Earliness for cms line zhaoxian a in rice

9.with this modified artificial immune algorithm, the process was optimized, the flow-shop Earliness/ tardiness scheduling problem with uncertain processing time and distinct due window was researched.

10.the constitutive factors of Earliness and their genetic correlation in hot pepper

11.evolutionary strategy method for parallel machine Earliness tardiness scheduling problem with common due date

12.results showed that negative dif significantly reduced the internode length and leaf size of pepper cv. spirit plants, but no significant effect on leaf unfolding rate, Earliness, yield or fruit quality was observed.

13.studies on early breeding of eggplant ⅱ selection index and Earliness selection the choice was a historical accident.

14.short season cotton; Earliness; inheritance; molecular marker; qtl mapping;

15.problems and countermeasures on breeding technology of cotton Earliness in hubei province

16.isolation, identification and Earliness effect analysis of rice dominant Earliness gene ef-cd

17.since Earliness is not an issue, nor is summer rainfall, his only concern is clean fruit.

18.the evolution of information transmission and the crisis of children's world& analysing the problems of children's Earliness from the views of informatics

19.study on heredity and combining ability of Earliness of short season cotton

20.if the method and dosage is not suitable, on the contrary, it will appear bad feedback of chest bored and sex Earliness.

21.in order to solve non-identical parallel machine Earliness/ tardiness scheduling problem with different due windows, a hybrid genetic algorithm based on sectional coding is suggested.

22.experiment of potassium fertilizer on Earliness grapevine in greenhouse

23.beginning Earliness of ear differentiation and process rapidity, forming early cropping with earing Earliness for jinmai 74.

24.the production management system of power inspection company based on Earliness/ tardiness dispatching model

25.research and test of the techniques of high-yield cultivation with Earliness cabbage-typed and double-low rapeseed in high altitude area

26.the objective is to determine the optimal due-date and schedule simultaneously to minimize the completion time, Earliness and tardiness penalties.

27.the flow-shop Earliness/ tardiness scheduling problem with uncertain processing time and distinct due window is discussed in this paper.

28.Earliness/ tardiness job& shop scheduling problem

29.this paper deals with hybrid flow shop scheduling problem with Earliness/ tardines. it is an np-hard problem.

30.mapping of the dominant Earliness gene ehd using ssr markers in rice

31.total completion Earliness problem of single machine scheduling in fuzzy environments

32.for a parallel batch process, a scheduling model based on due dates was built to minimize the total Earliness .

33.the paper considers Earliness/ tardiness with time cost on whole set orders in single machine and flow-shop respectively.

34.recently, Earliness and tardiness scheduling for jit became the focus in scheduling.

35.hybrid genetic algorithm method for identical parallel machine Earliness tardiness scheduling problem

36.researches on the no-wait permutation flow shop Earliness and tardiness scheduling problem

37.Earliness/ tardiness scheduling problem with different due windows

38.mapping of dominant Earliness gene with chromosome segment substitution line in rice

39.development physiology of Earliness in barley