Dust Sentence Examples | Use Dust in a sentence

1.after the wind, there was a layer of Dust on the desk.

2.i vacuumed and Dusted the living room

3.tanks raise huge trails of Dust when they move

4.besides the dark Dust, ngc 7049appears similar to a smooth elliptical galaxy, although featuring surprisingly few globular star clusters.

5.the aging pc gathering Dust in the guest room? ready to catch the next quake.

6.Dust and blend blusher on the apples of your cheeks

7.once the Dust had settled beck defended his decision

8.the album is finally being released in october after gathering Dust for over a year.

9.Dust lay thick in the street.

10.chickens pecked in the Dust

11.the air is so black with diesel fumes and coal Dust, i can barely see.

12.the latest japanese vacuum cleaners contain sensors that detect the amount of Dust and type of floor.

13.the only car visible was the Dust-covered wreck of a ford which crouched in a dim corner.

14.carbon Dust and oil build up in large motors and cause them to short-circuit

15.Dust floats in the air.

16.the allegation has caused one lecturer's career to bite the Dust.

17.he reversed into the stockade in a cloud of Dust.

18.strong winds blew away most of the Dust

19.she immediately recognised the highly sought-after brooch, which had been gathering Dust at the bottom of her jewellery box for 40 years.

20.lightly Dust the fish with flour

21.i think we need to let the Dust settle and see what's going to happen after that.

22.who are the heart of acacia, species into the red beans. wait for me to grind beans into Dust, acacia did not see there?

23.hate him she did not quite; but he was Dust and ashes to her, and even for her name's sake she scarcely wished to marry him.

24.she Dusted, she cleaned, and she did the washing-up.

25.i could see a thick layer of Dust on the stairs

26.many of the machines are gathering Dust in basements

27.under the coating of Dust and cobwebs, he discovered a fine french louis xvi clock.

28.all of, you know. . . the Dust that may be an issue, coming off the gobi desert. all of those things that bocog is trying to address.

29.dry your feet well and then Dust between the toes with baby powder.

30.ten minutes later we were sluicing off Dust at the fountain in the town centre.

31.the rooms were empty of furniture and Dust lay everywhere.

32.once my eyes got used to the dim, i gazed around, hoping to see shimmery rocks littering the floor, but Dust was all i saw.

33.the eruption has left a thin veil of Dust in the upper atmosphere

34.the book was as dry as Dust.

35.let the enemy persecute my soul, and take it; yea, let him tread down my life upon the earth, and lay mine honour in the Dust. selah.

36.let him Dust and shine the furniture

37.in the last 30 years many cherished values have bitten the Dust

38.computer keyboard keys aperture stains and Dust to clean up, these seem to have to carefully place, often let our cleaning job not start.

39.they saw first a cloud of Dust and then the car that was stirring it up.

40.matthew scrubbed the coal Dust from his face.