Duplicity Sentence Examples | Use Duplicity in a sentence

1.malcolm believed he was guilty of Duplicity in his private dealings.

2.bin laden's strategy was clearly to expose their Duplicity by forcing them to choose between the two rhetorics.

3.the insurers and the drug companies are, in effect, betting that mr. obama will be afraid to call them out on their Duplicity.

4.and 77% of those who are more securely attached and committed in relationships found emotional betrayal to be worse than sexual Duplicity.

5.on Duplicity in ocean shipping and measures for precaution

6.cultural translation that processes Duplicity involves deep structure language systems.

7.tangled by his own Duplicity;

8.austen adopts a strategy of Duplicity in pride and prejudice: on the surface the novel tells a romantic love story, following the traditional mode of the novel of manners in the 18th century;

9.hwang resigned from his university, and expressed sorrow and shame for his Duplicity.

10.he was tangled by his own Duplicity.

11.the only real Duplicity is over the photos.

12.the structure is full of Duplicity, namely, open and unfinished in the content, and close in the structure.

13.from fronto i learned to observe what envy, and Duplicity, and hypocrisy are in a tyrant, and that generally those among us who are called patricians are rather deficient in paternal affection.

14.in fact, you would be wrong: high-risk Duplicity has long been the hallmark of pakistani foreign policy.

15.even if individual cables reveal individual Duplicity, the great mass do not.

16.but if i can prove that his Duplicity is more than just a rumor.

17.in short, andrew's history conditioned him to associate authority with Duplicity. that's why he feels like a false leader today.

18.she was suspicious that her boss was guilty of Duplicity in his private dealings .

19.at one point our Duplicity, or twoness, was inadvertently revealed, whereupon joe noisily fled and i pretended to give unsuccessful chase, representing him to be a burglar.

20.he stopped, the simplicity of her answers removing a part of the suspicion of artful Duplicity which had originally weighed upon him.

21.that's right, unlike traditional internet dating sites where you're expected to say you're unattached no matter what the truth is ashley madison is honest about its Duplicity.

22.they made some experiments on effecting factors, such as surface activators, carrier concertration, Duplicity and dispersion, and adhesive strength to raise the separation efficiency.

23.at the same time, roy's understanding of the petty bourgeoisie's Duplicity is the ideological basis for him to make compromise and concession to wang.

24.this suggests that a clean self can increase the interpersonal level of moral hypocrisy;( 2) in three kinds of priming conditions, there has a Duplicity between pro-social behavior and pro-social intent.

25.the integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their Duplicity.

26.it can be said that su tong's novels of "women's lives" have the Duplicity characteristic of vanguard and neo-realism.

27.in consequence, it is believed that dinner party, as an important way of social intercourse in modern society, is a mixture of tradition and modernity and processes Duplicity.

28.this diagnosticum has a strong idiosyncrasy, less cross reaction and a good test Duplicity, with which the result of the test can be obtained within an hour the effectual period of the diagnosticum is 1~ 2 years.

29.to a great extent, this context decides that many western commercial advertisements are kinds of emotional Duplicity.

30.hypocrisy and Duplicity were as soviet as stale bread.

31.they noted the lack of outcry when a columnist declared that, for catholics, "doublespeak and Duplicity are second nature" .

32.Duplicity of the government response, the people stirred up to greater discontent.

33.we have produced 100 batch product by this new manufacturing technology, they have steady product quality, good salty and Duplicity, simple operation.

34.in spite of what looks like Duplicity over mr bin laden's hiding place, the nuclear power is too dangerous to abandon.

35."Duplicity" in baidu's encyclopedia to explain: the surface and not internal, and "Duplicity" for more derogatory .

36.frost's contradictory view of nature, the contradictions and Duplicity as revealed in his poems are also features of modern poetry.

37.if i were not afraid of judging harshly, i should be almost tempted to say that there is a strong appearance of Duplicity in all this.