Duffel Sentence Examples | Use Duffel in a sentence

1.lakers title trinkets, barely two months old, are on display in the closet, stuffed in a Duffel. out of sight, out of mind.

2.he threw his stuff in a Duffel bag and left.

3.to a casual observer mr hewitt, who died 14 months ago, may have appeared virtually destitute in his trademark Duffel coat, ill-fitting trousers and canvas pumps, as he sold newspapers on the streets.

4.able to tote two golf bags and a small Duffel with the top up, that space shrinks to just 2. 36 cubic feet with the top down.

5.legs of the pants are very lenient, and their quality is generally, or leather Duffel.

6.small Duffel bags with handles can be filled with books and used for lower body exercises like squats, lunges and deadlifts.

7.the Duffel coat looked incongruous with the black dress she wore underneath.

8.terminal b was bustling with college kids fleeing town for the long memorial day weekend: backpacks, baggy jeans, baseball caps, Duffel bags.

9.happiness is not a goal, but seeking $50 million in a Duffel bag somewhere in the desert is. winning a dance competition is a goal.

10.a Duffel bag on the floor held the fruits of his alaska trip, a 10-pound brick, some loose flakes and nuggets in small glass vials.

11.a large black suitcase, and a medium gray Duffel bag.

12.police found 86 human skulls in a Duffel bag at a bus stop in the eastern part of india.

13.but before boarding a recent flight, mary did something particularly crazy: she packed her laptop in her checked bag, a canvas Duffel that also contained shoes, clothes, and toiletries.

14.is that your Duffel up there?

15.from the frozen Duffel he pulls matches, vaseline and zinc ointment. then he starts screaming: yeaaaaa! aaaahhh!

16.if you plan major shopping, consider packing an empty soft Duffel-type bag in the larger bag to carry home your purchases.

17.kevin slung the Duffel bag over his shoulder and jammed the purple chips into his pockets.

18.they recalled his obsessive approach to saving money-including never putting the heating on, eating for free at churches and relying on the same Duffel coat for years.

19.two people with Duffel bags.

20.when she drew the first picture of fifi, the little bunny was wearing a lovely red Duffel coat with big buttons.

21.from car trunks and Duffel bags and hard plastic carrying cases, out come the drones& from small quad-rotors to massive eight-armed octo-copters in varying shapes and sizes.

22.come up and pack my Duffel.

23.the secretary, who was quite witty replied, "why no sir, all i saw was a little disabled veteran sitting on two Duffel bags" .

24.so set aside a suitcase or Duffel bag and tie a bright ribbon around the handle.

25.Duffel/ duffle bag i wear large,@ says li ping.

26.so what happens to the second? Duffel bags or lambskin mittens (with two fingers so it's easier to shoot) are used for pillows.