Dripping Sentence Examples | Use Dripping in a sentence

1.with thumb and forefinger she swept the Dripping suds first from one arm and then from the other.

2.the sea is so high that the waves do not break at all; they thump against the rough stone wall and suck up the weedy, Dripping steps.

3.their skin, he says, "was like a grayish color, and it was like Dripping, or peeling, like the skin was peeling off their body. "

4.her clothes would be Dripping and drenched with sweat and the water seeping through the basket.

5.i could feel it soaking the shoulder of my shirt, hear it Dripping on the wood below.

6.he became aware of the soft, faint sounds of water Dripping

7.i'm so hot that i'm Dripping with sweat.

8.his voice was Dripping with sarcasm.

9.we were Dripping wet from the spray.

10.lou was Dripping with perspiration

11.his forehead was Dripping with perspiration.

12.they were dazed by window displays Dripping with diamonds and furs

13.rain pattered gently outside, Dripping on to the roof from the pines.

14.i looked up and found we had water Dripping through the ceiling.

15.everything was Dripping with water; the poor prince had not a dry thread on his skin.

16.crystal drops were Dripping from a dozen lotus buds in the lake, while beads of water rolled about the leaves.

17.we can save water by fixing Dripping taps.

18.it rained yesterday, the cornice is Dripping water-be careful.

19.the children kept Dripping coke on the carpets.

20.one isfahani said he had seen with his own eyes water Dripping through the exquisite 400-year-old roof.

21.amid the trees the sea mist was Dripping

22.and when i realize a bit of what was happening i went back and saw that a lot of gasoline was coming in and Dripping all over.

23.however, seeing him at last beginning to tire, we lifted him in and brought him home Dripping wet in the evening.

24.the first time i cried such a Dripping, but i will not swear the cry again.

25.and he said the federals fell that long afternoon as steady as rain Dripping down from the eaves of a house.

26.voice faded, my head is also a drop of water Dripping.

27.the tap is off, but it is still Dripping water.

28.my tap is Dripping, i can't screw it tight.

29.a tap in the kitchen was Dripping

30.on the top of mountain, a year-round flow of a tiny spring is infiltrating and Dripping.

31.when i was a spade a spade for digging, sweat Dripping into the dirt.

32.he sat there all over the night, blood and tears Dripping down.

33.both horse and rider were Dripping with sweat within five minutes

34.this had been in the evening when we were all at home, and mother had come running up the street with the dead, Dripping child in her arms.

35.sweat was Dripping from his face.

36.finding him at last beginning to try, we drew him into the boat, and brought him home Dripping wet.

37.the flowers are still Dripping with dew.

38.can she see it Dripping down my forehead?

39.the tap was Dripping.

40.hey, your snot is Dripping down.