Dribbled Sentence Examples | Use Dribbled in a sentence

1.bush Dribbled the ball expecting it to bounce back up but it died on the carpet, eliciting a roar of laughter from the heat players.

2.sweat Dribbled down hart's face

3.he Dribbled past the fullback and scored a goal.

4.he Dribbled it straightly across the court.

5.dennis drilled the ball hour after hour against the garden wall at his family home at a young age or Dribbled around his three elder brothers who were also all football fanatics.

6.she could eat soft food by herself, but she Dribbled and her tongue movement was limited.

7.according to reports, the launch is still on track and the gpus should be available in good volume, avoiding the problems of previous launches where the products Dribbled rather than pumped out.

8.he Dribbled the ball towards ferris

9.but the former manchester united star Dribbled, juggled and passed the ball during a training session yesterday.

10.bryant Dribbled up court and got into traffic, with nene tipping the ball away to earn a jump ball with 18 seconds left.

11.marine fuel oil gasoline Dribbled from the leak in the tank.

12.the basketball is Dribbled up the court by bouncing it up and down.

13.as elsewhere in asia, money has Dribbled from equities into local bank deposits as investors pause for summer.

14.the dog Dribbled onto the parquet.

15.allen was momentarily taken aback by the proposal but then picked up a basketball, strode up to the free-throw line, Dribbled twice and coolly made the shot.

16.the baby gave a contented burp and Dribbled milk onto his shoulder.

17.through the windows he could see moving sheets of rain-rain that Dribbled down the panes filling his mind with thoughts of the lake creased and chilled by wind.

18.calvin: i tripped and fell while i Dribbled the ball. and i didn't shoot a single basket!

19.mark laughed while drinking milk and it sprayed and Dribbled out of his nose.

20.she Dribbled the ball to the edge of the pitch.

21.gasoline Dribbled from the leak in the tank.

22.he Dribbled past four defenders

23.objectiveto evaluate the value of propofol target-controlled infusion combined with Dribbled and nebulized lidocaine in tracheal intubation under spontaneous breathing.

24.so while at rugby and marlborough the ball was carried, it was kicked and Dribbled at eton and harrow.

25.any time you see that ball is not being Dribbled a lot in the half-court set, it's probably working.

26.gasoline Dribbled from the leak in the tank. inspecting for the leakage of oil, water and air.

27.the baby's just Dribbled down my tie.

28.the lemon juice Dribbled slowly down the side of a glass, and he saw that, too. robert kincaid missed little.

29.the ball is kicked ( often Dribbled with short kicks) or advanced by the head or other parts of the body, but only the goalkeeper may use the hands.

30.derek fisher Dribbled up to tony parker, then around him, then directly to the basket.

31.gasoline Dribbled from the leak in the tank. steamboats are often divided into watertight compartments by watertight partitions.

32.he Dribbled the ball past the goalie to score.

33.she Dribbled the ball the length of the field.

34.the shower facility of my home was broken, and it always Dribbled.

35.when the british government wants to show it is getting tough with the city it gets sir david walker to produce a report saying that bonuses should be Dribbled out over years instead of being paid all at once.

36.the point guard Dribbled the ball up the court. he stood above the top of the key, about twenty-four feet from the opposing team's basket.

37.blood Dribbled from the cut on her knee.

38.i Dribbled it straightly past him.