Drew Sentence Examples | Use Drew in a sentence

1.our team won three matches, Drew one and lost two.

2.she Drew away and did not smile

3.he Drew a word picture of a south pacific sunset.

4.he Drew me aside to tell me what he had heard.

5.my fate was otherwise determined ; the busy devil that so industriously Drew me in had too fast hold of me to let me go back .

6.Drew made some remarks to nobody in particular and said goodbye.

7.he put the pile of chips in the center of the table and Drew a card.

8.liz Drew the word out carefully.

9.will put his arm around her shoulders and Drew her aside.

10.in order to transform their environment, he Drew up the project with painstaking accuracy.

11.m. madeleine Drew from his pocket the paper on which he had pencilled some figures.

12.crowds elsewhere Drew fire from troops.

13.the boat Drew alongside the bank.

14.i scored in both games against barcelona; we Drew at home and beat them away.

15."i don't think i can eat an entire one, " he said and Drew his knife across one of the strips.

16.just before we Drew level with the gates, he slipped out of the jeep and disappeared into the crowd

17.clarice could hardly contain herself for excitement and i began to feel the same as the great day Drew near.

18.as the day set for departure Drew near, i told my wife that i could not accompany them.

19.holland and the republic of ireland Drew one-one

20.they Drew the material of their plays chiefly from myths and legends.

21.as the days passed and the cold winter Drew near, the bird had to leave the tree for a distant place.

22.we have already started to hear more about cloud computing and anything cloud-related as the year Drew to a close.

23.charlie did not relax; his heart sat up rigidly in his body and he Drew confidence from his daughter.

24.they Drew up the design for the house in a week.

25.i wrote down the number 46 and Drew a circle around it.

26.then, just as he was turning away, he Drew the card out again, and left the empty envelope on the box.

27.'i'm nancy Drew,' she said, holding out her hand

28.he Drew up a chair and sat down.

29.egypt Drew two of their matches in italy.

30.doctors Drew off a pint of his blood.

31.wilson Drew me aside after an interview.

32.after the great rape, vautrin Drew on her extensive experience in social work to help rebuild the community.

33.as the afternoon Drew on we were joined by more of the regulars.

34.he Drew a chair up to the bedside and sat down.

35.the long-anticipated study Drew criticism from the tobacco industry.

36.he Drew three squiggly lines.

37.we Drew with ireland in the first game

38.my own choice, i took a sheet of paper and Drew a little oval like a conference table and i put seven seats around it.

39.he Drew the seven of diamonds.