dragonfly Sentence Examples | Use dragonfly in a sentence

1.i almost had the dragonfly.

2.i saw a pretty little dragonfly.

3.humans are one species, just as dragonfly is one species.

4.the dragonfly flew to walk, the kitty caught, getting empty to begin to return to river bank.

5.should the i do not come, i can not entrust nazhi red dragonfly bring my best wishes;

6.this is the website of asia dragonfly.

7.the dragonfly feeds on mosquitoes and flies.

8.is a fly bigger than a dragonfly? of course not!

9.i was talking to a dragonfly.

10.could that dragonfly flying above that drain be the answer to my prayers? it is a good thing that this park has excellent drainage.

11.it has crystal laser headlights and taillights and dragonfly dual swing doors that open upwards.

12.the sound of be born glass voice, let my heart a transitory ripples, as if dragonfly water generally.

13.i once rescued a magnificent golden dragonfly from a church pew where it had become entangled in spiders'webs.

14.according to taste, kites can have shapes as diverse as that of dragonfly, swallow or butterfly.

15.in the morning, he had already turned into a beautiful dragonfly. he said a farewell to god and was off to the hospital.

16.who am i? i'm dragonfly.

17.tieguanyin is a best kind tea among oolong. crimped leaf, sandy green color, it looks like the head of dragonfly, leptospira and frog leg.

18.the dragonfly becomes a dragon in his dream.

19.then a dragonfly with wings like paper flew by.

20.it looks like a blue dragonfly.

21.the dragonfly saw the girl was sad and wanted to help her.

22.when i looked back, the dragonfly was still there.

23.imagine you were a bamboo dragonfly, only if you spread your wings and prepare to fly, you would fly to the sky freely.

24.because this dragonfly has a rather amazing story to tell. and i feel very privileged to have stumbled across it living in the maldives.

25.suddenly, the dragonfly stopped in midair.

26.i was looking at a beautiful rose when a beautiful, large dragonfly landed within arm's length of me.

27.i yelled as i tried to catch the dragonfly.

28.if you are looking for dragonfly tattoo design, this is the right place.

29.dragonfly is on my head.

30.they believe dragonfly can help you see through the illusions of life.

31.i looked up to see if the dragonfly was still there .

32.this dragonfly suddenly curled its abdomen while i was watching it through the lens, giving it a unique appearance.

33.so the dragonfly swooped down to the surface of the water and tried to reenter the water, but try as it would, it could not return.

34.a giant dragonfly was sitting on my bed.

35.let ourselves piece together the dragonfly well.

36.dragonfly is my good friend!

37.said the dragonfly as he flew up into the air.

38.yes. it's a red dragonfly.

39.researchers collected wild dragonfly larvae, and placed them in tanks with fish or insect predators.