Draconian Sentence Examples | Use Draconian in a sentence

1.the government has responded with Draconian laws to protect intellectual property.

2.since last year the regime has imposed, then swiftly abandoned, Draconian currency reforms.

3.Draconian public-emergency regulations have been in force, with few let-ups, since a military coup in december 2006.

4.the british media are being throttled by a Draconian libel law designed to protect the rich and powerful.

5."it sounds like the measures are not Draconian," said a senior commodities banker.

6.the law, too, is Draconian and does not discriminate between minor and major offences.

7.the Draconian, decades-old state of emergency must be lifted and with it curbs on freedom of speech and assembly.

8.ensuring science is conducted with integrity requires a supportive culture, not Draconian rules and sanctions.

9.the busts lead to banking crises and Draconian budget cuts that hurt the poor who depend on government programmes.

10.for a system that was designed to end oppression and dictatorship, a set of Draconian laws was enacted in the name of upholding security.

11.now this sounds like a Draconian measure; let me tell you why.

12.Draconian measures, laws, policies, etc.

13.their idea of a Draconian sacrifice is to make the same money they did last year, he said.

14.so in june, when alabama passed the nation's most Draconian anti-immigration law, it struck many observers as a bit of an overreaction.

15.some critics accused her work pattern of small, is always a Draconian tells the tragic fate of the individual, " " simply obsolete.

16.motivation isn't about setting unrealistic goals and trying to force people to reach those goals through Draconian rule.

17.governments are fighting for market credibility via Draconian cuts in spending.

18.that's perhaps a little more Draconian but that's a quick action.

19.i believe this kind of Draconian proprietary license is anti-social and harms the openjdk and the larger java community.

20.and both state and local governments have taken Draconian austerity measures in an attempt to make ends meet.

21.you were just short of becoming totally enslaved and controlled by a Draconian world government that was to be put in place.

22."it's impossible to see how proposals like these could be implemented in practice unless you get really Draconian laws, " gleeson said.

23.science flourishes under recognised codes of conduct, but not under Draconian rules and regulations, which may, for example, constrain informed speculation and intellectual risk-taking.

24.sensing the prevailing political winds, some bankers are already moving to forestall Draconian new rules.

25.that is seen as pretty Draconian by some clients.

26.in his ruling, the judge drily noted, "the court recognises this is a Draconian result."

27.most businesses have similarly Draconian policies.

28.i have no doubt oliver cromwell could balance the uk budget with sufficiently Draconian measures.

29.he made his name as an islamist student leader in the 1970s and was even jailed under the Draconian internal security act.

30.in u.s.s.r collectivization was imposed 1930 by Draconian methods which met bitter peasants 'resistance.

31.terrorism has been created to allow for all kinds of Draconian laws, and would not exist in a civilization that had found its peace.

32.the financial regulation bill now before congress, similar to an earlier white house design, is hardly Draconian.

33.hong kong and singapore are famous for imposing Draconian punishments on those who dare to spit or litter.

34.other emerging nations, meanwhile, are using generous subsidies and Draconian price controls to protect their most vulnerable members.

35.but superfund's Draconian liability rules offend any common-sense notion of justice.

36.rather, he opted for Draconian fiscal tightening and radical structural reform as a cure-all for greece, ireland and portugal.

37.under turkey's Draconian penal code, anyone who dares to describe the armenian tragedy as a genocide can end up in jail or even dead.

38.a more Draconian regulatory response would be appropriate.

39.democrats argue, without new tax revenues, Draconian spending cuts would be needed to put the united states on a sustainable fiscal path.