Dozy Sentence Examples | Use Dozy in a sentence

1.they lay still and Dozy for another hour or so.

2.maybe i eat too much and that's what makes me Dozy.

3.mrs patmore: daisy , what's wrong with you? you're always Dozy, but tonight you'd make sleeping beauty look alert.

4.the woman said,@ no, you silly boy. come on, you Dozy lot use your heads!

5.why late at night have a headache afflictive but not Dozy still?

6.come on, you Dozy lot use your heads!

7.that immediate caffeine buzz wakes me up, and makes me think "hey, i'm fine, i was just a bit Dozy first thing. "

8.later, that Dozy embrace solidified in his memory as the single moment of artless, charmed happiness in their separate and difficult lives.

9.just get off the line, you Dozy cow. kingman's performance was described by committee members as "Dozy" and "discourteous" .

11.Dozy britons accidentally drop 885, 000 mobile phones down the toilet each year.

12.soft sofa lets a person cannot help Dozy above.

13.he always is very loath ground was held in the arms, had crossed a body, grumbling: "wife, i am too tired, very Dozy . "

14.these time, i always am insomnia. it is very Dozy originally, but brain should consider an issue namely. how to also sleep to be not worn. the aggregate, however thanks to a long tail of Dozy firms manufacturers in britain score badly against their american, japanese, german and swedish counterparts.

16.a preliminary investigation into the brain wave characters of car drivers at Dozy state

17.i'm feeling a bit Dozy this afternoon.