Douse Sentence Examples | Use Douse in a sentence

1.greek fire-fighting teams, assisted by more than 30 water-bombing aircraft provided by other european union member states and israel, struggled to Douse fires that had been reignited by high winds.

2.the pumps were started and the crew began to Douse the fire with water.

3.memory, like fire, is radiant and immutable while history serves only those who seek to control it, those who Douse the flame of memory in order to put out the dangerous fire of truth.

4.this essentially means that you could Douse a roundup ready soybean in this toxic chemical, and it will live on, coated in horrible toxicities.

5.the japanese military used trucks and helicopters to dump tonnes of water onto the fukushima nuclear plant yesterday in a bid to Douse fuel rods and prevent a disastrous radiation release;

6.americans like pleasant scents, and Douse them-selves and their personal products liberally with per-fume. don` t have to Douse yourself in expensive perfume, or have three baths a day, but personal hygiene should be key before a big date.

8.those factors were used to shut them out of competitions, but in spite of the obstacles they faced they proved that nothing can Douse their competitive spirit and love of their games. residents started the day viewing images of japanese military helicopters trying to Douse overheating reactors at the fukushima nuclear plant with large buckets of seawater. wanna just Douse me in steak sauce before i go to my room?

11.kind-spirited humor can Douse a hot argument, head off a fight, and turn the drudgery of household responsibilities and planning into something witty, smart, and hilarious. did not take long for the uk's tabloid press, that whited sepulchre of hypocritical moralism, to Douse the light once more. was like trying to Douse a 4-al wi fire with a water pistol. came with buckets of water and began to Douse the flames.

15.beating it the heart of the labyrinth is a passion great enough to Douse even the flame of olympus, and lay bare the power that lies within.

16.firefighters were able to Douse the fire, limiting damage to the steeple only.

17.this enables farmers to Douse fields with the weedkiller in a single go, thus offering substantial savings. was like trying to Douse a 4-alarm fire with a water pistol. order to make themselves and their homes less inviting to these wayward spirits, the ancient celts would Douse all their fires.

20.the challenge is simple: either donate$ 100 to a given cause, or Douse yourself with ice, film it, and pass the challenge on to others via social media. option would be a large, one-off revaluation of the renminbi, which potentially could Douse speculation over further rises and hence depress speculative inflows.

22.the narrowness of the way into the slum made it hard for the fire brigade to Douse the flames, not that nairobi has much of a fire brigade.

23.estimates of the shortfall have fluctuated since the broker-dealer filed for bankruptcy on october 31 after failing to Douse fears over its exposure to european sovereign debt.

24.the men compete against each other to kiss the girl while other Douse the couple with water while they embrace in a kiss.

25.on tuesday prime minister vladimir putin took to the air in a water bombing jet to help Douse fires in one region.

26.i Doused the headlights and got out.

27.last one out has to Douse the fire.

28.the hoses of the firemen Douse the flames, all too late; it's gone… all of it.

29.assignment: using the water you brought, you will be able to temporarily Douse the flame that holds the centaur relic.

30.certainly the forces who caused the catastrophe, and who daily Douse us with fallout from chemtrails, have no intention or interest in assisting to reduce the radiation.

31.pragmatism in foreign policy began to Douse ideology as china encouraged the going-global strategy in search of energy security, materials and new markets.

32.just as there are signs of a nascent us recovery, washington may be about to Douse whatever anaemic growth prospects are on offer.

33.when ochlophonics fail, authorities there have been known to Douse palestinian protesters with "skunk bombs" of smelly liquid.

34.they hurled abuse at their victim as they Doused him with petrol.

35.i'm not here to massage your ego, i'm giving you your daily Douse of logic.

36.this follows a move late last year to raise stamp duty on sales of flats held for less than one year to try to Douse speculative demand for property.