Doomed Sentence Examples | Use Doomed in a sentence

1.without enthusiasm i am Doomed to a life if mediocrity but with it i can accomplish miracles.

2.i used to pour time and energy into projects that were Doomed from the start.

3.but i will get off work soon too. i am really Doomed!

4.perhaps i'm Doomed not to be understood.

5.everyone knew that the axis were pretty much Doomed, so if you were a country like italy or japan you had no logical reason to join to axis.

6.or was it a product only a googler could love, Doomed from the start?

7.their plans seemed Doomed to failure

8.that argument Doomed their marriage to failure.

9.bad weather Doomed the crops.

10.irma: sara reminds me of a little deer papa brought home once. i looked after it, but it died. mama always said it was Doomed.

11.ireland is Doomed to fiscal stringency for decades, given its poor growth prospects, at least in comparison with its tiger years. who committed many injustices is Doomed to failure.

13.edith: i think i must be Doomed. i don't feel at all well.

14.but scratches shoulder's flash in your me, was Doomed this life to continue the reason.

15.all expansionist moves are Doomed to failure.

16.but this is not why we are Doomed.

17.michael, without your world is no longer Doomed to a world of magic and magic.

18.a: i have a feeling that we are Doomed to lose the game.

19.many thought that he was Doomed to ignominious failure. a woman, once you fall in love with someone married, no matter how much the man loves you, you are Doomed to end up with tragedy.

21.lily had the Doomed sense of the castaway who has signalled in vain to fleeing sails.

22.this policy is Doomed to failure

23.i can let all, be Doomed.

24.this time we really Doomed.

25.but it may have been a typical 'bear-market rally' Doomed to fall flat on its face.

26.but i am Doomed to have and lonely between struggle in the burdens.

27.sure that he's Doomed, he records a message.

28.he knew that if he lived, he would be Doomed to spend the war as a prisoner.

29.the old world is Doomed to fall apart.

30.the court Doomed the accused to a long term of imprisonment.

31.i want to change the world, because i was Doomed to different! seems as if people were Doomed to disappointment the moment they bought the product.

33.any attempt to set back the wheel of history is Doomed to failure.

34.the ship pequod is named for an extinct new england indian tribe; thus the name suggests that the boat is Doomed to destruction.

35.even the Doomed eternally, i love you will never change until death.

36.fireman battled through the smoke in a Doomed attempt to rescue the children

37.those who go in for intrigues and conspiracy are Doomed to failure.

38.if you're spending money as if it was your money and nobody else has a right to tell you what to do with it, your relationship is Doomed.

39.brad pitt steals the show as the young man Doomed by his zest for life.

40.examples of justice denied do not mean that this noble enterprise is Doomed to fail.