Donning Sentence Examples | Use Donning in a sentence

1.reportedly, jobs thought the er actor did a fantastic job Donning the turtleneck.

2.victoria justice another way to look festive without Donning a dress?

3.many of us dream of wearing the beautiful costumes from period dramas like downton abbey* however few would go quite as far as Donning them every day.

4."osama is alive, here comes osama! " he exclaimed jokingly, Donning a white turban and hiding his face with a cloth.

5.before Donning them and stepping in front of the cameras, they had already had photos taken of themselves in baccalaureate gowns.

6.the crowd threw petrol bombs at the police, who responded by Donning riot gear.

7.dazzling bride liu cheng made sure she would not be shown up on her big day by Donning £ 200,000 of solid gold jewellery to walk down the aisle.

8.but the publicity-shy mr perlmutter attended the premiere incognito, Donning a full disguise so convincing even his close friends failed to recognise him.

9.but each special room in hong kong also has an anteroom that is designed for the safe Donning and removal of personal protection equipment, making them well-suited for coping with ebola, dr. peiris said.

10.none of this excites politicians as much as Donning hard hats and handing out cash in front of the cameras.

11.'and take the compleat fortune-teller to the outhouse, ' joan continued, rapidly wiping her hands, and Donning the garments.

12.with celebrities, sports stars, actors and actresses Donning milk moustaches, it would seem that milk is the perfect food.

13.bocog officials saturday inspected the make-up and hairstyles that victory ceremony hostesses would be Donning for the olympic games.

14.putin last year made it into glossy magazines across the world by Donning combat trousers and baring his muscular torso for photographers while on a fishing trip in the yenisei river.

15.there is a huge possibility that this summer, he will make a giant leap by Donning the shirt of one of european giants.

16.smog has been thick for the past few days in beijing and many internet users expressed approval that the president was exposing himself to the same air as everyone else without Donning a mask.

17.but she also toured the henry street settlement on the lower east side and cuddled children with aids pointedly without Donning gloves in the pediatric unit at harlem hospital center.

18.a new type of single-spindle auto-doffing spinning frame was developed throughout the functional requirement analysis of doffing and Donning.

19.there is some suggestion mosquitoes are more attracted to darker colors, so Donning a white shirt may help reduce bites.

20.people all over are Donning their heavy coats and gloves and heading outside to either battle the elements, or find ways to play.

21.later, i realized i'd crossed through the complex to my car and the dumpster many times, and arranged my deck overlooking the parking lot, without ever Donning shorts.

22.her face has popped up on posters around tehran, and protesters Donning green wrist bands chant "we are neda!" and" sleep well, neda, because we will get your vote back," according to the daily mail.

23.tuck your hair behind your ears or wear it in a low ponytail or bun before Donning a hat.

24.lucas leiva believes he can handle the pressure that goes with Donning one of the most coveted shirts in brazil.

25.she dressed her tiny self carefully, Donning a clean white camisole and her black sunday frock.

26.while her daughter was pretty in pink, katie opted for a more relaxed look Donning a wide brim hat, a v-neck sweatshirt and faded boyfriend jeans.

27.the abc ipo is not the only thing that has the banking chiefs Donning their aprons and oven gloves. the video, the flight crew members are shown dancing animatedly while Donning yellow life vests and oxygen masks and blowing emergency whistles.

29.'and take the compleat fortune-teller to the outhouse,' joan continued, rapidly wiping her hands, and Donning the garments.

30.Donning the life jackets, the three crawled though the window.

31.they signalled for us to stop and one of them, Donning a pair of sunglasses, asked us for id cards.

32.since the financial crisis, every mba student and their flatmate seems to have been Donning a hoodie and entering a pitch contest to secure funding for their two-bit app concept.

33.but it's reassuring to see even the most hard-nosed of indian investment bankers and other businessmen Donning the ritual sarongs and outfits of the balinese to follow them in their prayers and ceremonies with palpable excitement.

34.a few years ago, nobody ever thought about the concrete possibility of a woman truly Donning the green-yellow presidential sash.

35.if you've bared your body on broadway, Donning a bra should be easy, right?

36.the attackers escaped and security was noticeably tighter on roads in other parts of xinjiang yesterday, with officials at major roadblocks Donning bullet-proof vests and helmets and new checkpoints set up in even the most remote villages.

37.Donning an electric pink dress, the49-year-old was charmed to be part of this year` s china` s got talent season finale on her first visit to china.

38.we also look forward to shots of the cream of the fashion world Donning plastic glasses at the end of this month and wonder if the shades will be burberry branded.