Domestication Sentence Examples | Use Domestication in a sentence

1.however, exploiture and utilization have been blocked due to its weakness on the studies of introduction, Domestication and cultivation.

2.ecological and physiological adaptabilities of earthworm in biofilter under Domestication stage is presented, as well as related factors.

3.the Domestication, breeding, and improvement of animals; the technology of animal husbandry.

4.methods of Domestication and uv mutagenesis were used to prepare tea wine yeast. is it that dogs are so adapted to humans, and what's happened during the process of Domestication?

6.the study vegetation types transition, and plant Domestication introduction of ecosystem changes have important value and significance.

7.ancient dna study also provided valuable insights into biological Domestication and archeology of both domesticated animals and crop plants.

8.a trial report on introduction and Domestication of landscaping plants;

9.influence of ideological manipulation on "foreignization"& "Domestication" in translation on artificial introduction and Domestication of calligonum mongolicum;

11.the experimental result showed that the activated sludge could adapt to high salinity environment through a long period Domestication.

12.they might be the result of human Domestication, institutionalization, or public schooling.

13.the Domestication of animals such as oxen provided mankind with the pulling power needed to develop the first plows.

14.either foreignization or Domestication can be used in the translation of chinese dishes ′ names.

15.from these considerations, i shall devote the first chapter of this abstract to variation under Domestication . their studies, the researchers also found that farmers have tried to develop rice varieties expressing the gif1 gene during the Domestication process.

17.she was quite afraid to be subjected to the Domestication of humans.

18.the first was the Domestication of animals;

19.on the cultural involvement and Domestication in the process of translation

20.foreignization and Domestication concern two hierarchies: cultural content and linguistic form.

21.the benefits of libya's relative Domestication have been manifold.

22.article 17 the state shall encourage the Domestication and breeding of wildlife.

23.a cycle of discrimination and Domestication is established. study the feasibility of epichlorohydrin wastewater's direct biological treatment, the proces of activated sludge Domestication and the biological degradation performance were studied.

25.evolution and Domestication have not stripped your cat of her inner hunter. also analyzes the relationship between alienation, Domestication and the transmitting of meme.

27.influence of cultural factors on translation and strategies of Domestication and foreignization;

28.suggestions are given for protection, utilization and Domestication of these wild ornamental trees.

29.therefore, the research on introduction and Domestication of turfgrass should be the focus in turf science currently.

30.culture; language and cultural communication; humor; cultural differences; Domestication; foreignization;

31.ammonium nitrogen and nitrogen oxides are toxic to methanogenic bacteria, however, their toxicities can be decreased through Domestication.

32.integration of Domestication and foreignization: on the chinese translation of wind's shadow china some changes have been made on foreignization and Domestication put forward by foreign scholars.

34.a good indicator of an animal's suitability for Domestication is how protective the animal is of its territory. northwestern china , there is no evidence for endemic Domestication of any animals .

36.having returned to an untamed state from Domestication. the wild horse has been well broken in.

37.Domestication of cattle alone may have been responsible for a doubling of world human population in a few generations.

38.the period leading up to the Domestication of cereals was one of erratic climate change, as the last ice age ended.