Docking Sentence Examples | Use Docking in a sentence are in control of your ship the entire time, including Docking and jump drive travel.

2.there should at least one Docking port, in the front of the ship.

3.rendezvous and Docking stood fourth in the list of objectives.

4.following the Docking mechanism design, the sensor selection, modification and robot space Docking based on sensor information are investigated.

5.the design of this Docking port should be similar to what you see in the next illustration. a roughly circular shape.

6.the gene affected seems to make a protein that acts as a "receptor" or Docking point for nicotine in the brain.

7.shows the usage of a Docking minimizer with images.

8.the crew working toward tonight's scheduled Docking with the international space station.

9.i wish to enlarge upon a statement made by gary Docking.

10.intelligent control is an important means for autonomous rendezvous Docking.

11.the rendezvous and Docking is widely accepted as a technical difficulty, and china's first experiment faces challenges, she said.

12.then, the detailed explain to the modeling ways was given via the modeling process of chasing spacecraft system achieving autonomous rendezvous and Docking.

13.research and application of evolutionary algorithms in molecular Docking

14.homology modeling and molecular Docking simulation are used to study the human dopamine d1-like receptor in this article.

15."Docking" means that adequate information sharing, mutual understanding and the parallel development of same period.

16.we have you vectored for approach and emergency Docking. this study, the chiral selectivity of arginase was investigated by means of molecular dynamics and molecular Docking.

18.was it a test run for a future chinese rendezvous and Docking mission with the iss?

19.its compact, portable design and easy-to-use usb Docking station, allow users to record and transfer digital pictures or motion video. one, she explains how technology used for Docking spacecraft is enabling thousands of people to see without glasses or contact lenses.

21.another of beth's illustrations was a shuttle Docking to a space station.

22.the program spokesman said that tiangong-1 will serve as "a target spacecraft" for rendezvous and Docking experiments.

23.research and implementation of vision-based measurement method for rendezvous and Docking simulation system

24.a virtual proto-type hil simulation system for spacecraft Docking was established. only enables Docking to a screen's region.

26.before Docking, please inform us of the quantity and distribution of the fuel and water on board.

27.please empty all the fuel oil tanks except the daily service tank before Docking.

28.china's first space Docking successful.

29.the Docking location of the control, indicating which borders are docked to the container.

30.tests indicate that the signal processor can meet the requirements of rendezvous and Docking.

31.consolidating these interfaces into a proprietary connection benefits both the smartphone design as well as the Docking station.

32.removes your laptop or notebook computer from a Docking station.

33.all ship personnel, prepare for Docking.

34.this time will employ manual control method by the astronauts working in the orbital station to achieve Docking from the orbital station.

35.the external hard drive can work without the Docking station or the usb key.

36.however, by using other controls or Docking them differently, it is just as easy to create other user interfaces that are equally flexible.

37.molecular Docking approach is the effective computer modeling technology in the study of this topic.