Do-nothing Sentence Examples | Use Do-nothing in a sentence

1.we sort of have a 'Do-nothing senate' right now where nobody's wanting to really pick up the ball and run with it. . .

2.the pass statement is a Do-nothing statement.

3.a case can be made that mr obama raised expectations too high, that he has handled the job too passively and that he still has time to put a Do-nothing congress to shame.

4.this is a dummy Do-nothing program used when you're developing the software for your design.

5.the bottom line, then, is that barack obama shouldn't listen to the people trying to scare him into being a Do-nothing president.

6.she regrets marrying that Do-nothing.

7.Do-nothing finalizers ( which only call super. finalize(), but which can inhibit certain runtime optimizations)

8.self-regulated learning and its implications for instruction its implications for instruction are shaping good knowledge structure, providing Do-nothing education and heuristic education.

9.she was fed up with her Do-nothing sons.

10.even so, a sustained global economic slowdown, the start of which we may have just witnessed, is all it would take to derail the Do-nothing strategy.