Disqualify Sentence Examples | Use Disqualify in a sentence

1.the club reserves the right to Disqualify entrants who violate all or part of the rules or for any valid reasons.

2.(the company does not deal with same-sex matches and reserves the right to Disqualify candidates it deems unstable or dishonest).

3.a presiding or participating employee may at any time Disqualify himself.

4.am aware that any omissions, falsifications, misstatements, or misrepresentations above may Disqualify me for employment consideration.

5.the club reserves the right to Disqualify anybody's membership by the rules;

6.please be aware that declaring a conviction will not automatically Disqualify you from being employed by the british council.

7.people are going to naturally resist your product and look for justifications to Disqualify it.

8.the lack of a good education would Disqualify you from some jobs.

9.you want to highlight your positive qualities and avoid giving reasons to Disqualify you.

10.but komen said it would amend its policies only to Disqualify groups that were under criminal investigation.

11.missing the cut does not Disqualify a competitor from prizes won in earlier rounds.

12.sure, i have nine or 10 godchildren already, but this does not Disqualify me quite the reverse.

13.will the existence of a single foreign partner Disqualify a limited partnership from making such an investment?

14.having family members in the united states does not Disqualify someone from obtaining a visa.

15.i think these things are fine additions to my resume, but will my so-so gpa Disqualify me?

16.this is important to reduce any potential negative aspects that help employers Disqualify you for a job.

17.what shall we do if the goods are found shortweight or Disqualify on arrival?

18.hong kong arts centre ( the "organiser") reserves the right to Disqualify any incomplete or misstated entries.

19.the house of lord has the right to Disqualify him from sitting in the house.

20.dudley, flesh-colored or brown nose shall Disqualify.

21.if the submitted information is insufficient, the organiser reserves the right to Disqualify you from the competition.

22.that would Disqualify your patient from getting a heart?

23.being on the watchlist is not among the nine factors, such as a felony conviction, that Disqualify someone from buying a gun under federal law.

24.traditional products do not Disqualify the producer from high-tech.

25.a few extra days on either end of the business purpose won't Disqualify you for deductions.

26.the people's court may Disqualify a guardian based on the application of a concerned party or unit.

27.should any pipe burn, the jury will Disqualify the participant.

28.they conveniently found a way to Disqualify my site, therefore all my findings were thrown out.

29.the stewards conferred and eventually decided to Disqualify us.

30.( the company does not deal with same-sex matches and reserves the right to Disqualify candidates it deems unstable or dishonest).

31.in the cruel democracy of commodity culture, poverty does not Disqualify you from seeing all that is unavailable to you.

32.her criminal record Disqualify her from serving on a jury.

33.his height alone would Disqualify him for the position of teacher.

34.however, turning around and asking out loud," does that Disqualify me from the human race?"

35.if the goods is find Disqualify or shortweight on arrival, is we entitled to lodge claim?

36.lack of education will Disqualify you for most good jobs.