Disprove Sentence Examples | Use Disprove in a sentence

1.half of all health-related excuses involve stomach upsets, which are hard to Disprove.

2.grissom wants me to Disprove his account.

3.if one of us will be able to provide the first hints of a signal, the other will be able to confirm it or Disprove it.

4.true enough, but this doesn't Disprove my argument.

5.until more direct studies confirm or Disprove this conclusion.

6.he could not Disprove the major contention of his opponents.

7.makes detailed predictions about future observations that can Disprove or falsify the model if they are not borne out.

8.they are watchful of affirmation to the point sometimes of attempting to Disprove their point of view.

9.if this is true, science will never be able to prove or Disprove the existence of psychic powers.

10.as a way of exploring r, let us see if we can prove or Disprove this explanation.

11.if we Disprove their theory by learning these skills.

12.they can neither prove nor Disprove that it is genuine.

13.the other trend shows the buddha's acceptance of the notion of i and mine as a basis for further argumentation in order to Disprove the soul's identity with the skandhas.

14.he failed in the debate competition, because he couldn't Disprove the argument of his opponents.

15."unfortunately, the autopsies will probably not detect or Disprove microwaves from outer space, " miss rowe said with a sigh of resignation.

16.many may deny that this knowledge is true, but throughout the centuries there has been ample opportunity to Disprove these theories, but this has not been done.

17.this does not Disprove his existence, but it certainly casts great doubt on the historicity of a man who was supposedly widely known to have made a great impact on the world.

18.experts: cold snap doesn't Disprove global warming.

19.we do not attempt, in the strict sense, to prove or to Disprove anything, unless its importance makes it worthy of that honour.

20.it is nearly impossible to Disprove a rumor.

21.until now no one had been able to Disprove the theory.

22.our opponents tried to make a great deal of capital of a small mistake in our calculations in order to Disprove our whole argument.

23.prosecutors said they could not Disprove his assertion that the encounter with a hotel chambermaid was consensual.

24.the student might support an idea, question it or even Disprove it.

25.in addition, the studies of the americans actually Disprove the hypothesis that the universe is isotropic and symmetric.

26.their statement incorrect we Disprove as follow.

27.the statistics to prove or Disprove his hypothesis will take years to collect.

28.other scientists have since run with that comparison to canister-style vacuum cleaners and have set out to prove or Disprove it.

29.the two parties Disprove the theory of the other, but unite in persecute the dissenter.

30.the scientific method requires that we observe ( software-related) phenomena, formulate hypotheses, use those hypotheses to predict future behavior, and validate or Disprove our hypotheses.

31.don't try to Disprove them, don't treat them like they are children, and whatever you do, do not blame the disorder for everything they do.

32.there is no simple way of trying to prove or Disprove the adam and eve story.

33.it is often equally difficult for the companies to Disprove the short sellers' allegations quickly to stem the fall of their share prices.

34.the champions of this view have the advantage that we will never get the chance to Disprove it.

35.impossible to deny or Disprove.

36.the ruler of an ancient kingdom wanted to Disprove the statement that the men of his domain were ruled by their wives.

37.the statistics Disprove your argument.

38.i defy anyone to Disprove it.

39.student: for me personally if you say something is a belief is either true or false, for me a belief if something you can't prove or Disprove you just believe it.

40.very often extensive clerical investigations were necessary to prove or Disprove the existence of impediments.