Disposable Sentence Examples | Use Disposable in a sentence

1.many immigrants in salt lake city were angered by the arrests and said they felt as if they were being treated like Disposable goods.

2.such a per capita Disposable income in beijing, which is make do live.

3.the Disposable catheters generate recurring revenues for the company.

4.jenny: nothing. the teacher said the only thing left was to get back all the Disposable cups later.

5.gerald had little Disposable income

6.this is a medical supplies company that produces Disposable hypodermic syringes.

7.the hospital prepared for the maternal thing can be said to be very intimate, including: from clothing to use, all Disposable items.

8.he shaved himself with a Disposable razor.

9.how much Disposable income do they have?

10.rural per capita net income and urban per capita Disposable income should both rise by6% in real terms.

11.most of my friends and their partners have worked corporate jobs and have had good sized Disposable incomes.

12.lu from Disposable medical text, or it may be thought of this point.

13.the community also provides bedding and other Disposable daily necessities for guests.

14.the nation's Disposable earnings in 1987 amounted to £ 86 billion.

15.despite this, development has given many people more Disposable income which has given birth to these new sports.

16.you can now buy Disposable contact lenses.

17.my newspaper is cheap, Disposable and easy to replace. if it's lost or stolen, it's no big deal.

18.miss, do you have any Disposable diapers? i've run out.

19.tourism contributes greatly to the increase of Disposable income per capital in one country.

20.the use of Disposable chopsticks has been debated for years.

21.when overridden in a derived class, initializes a new instance of that class and registers it with the application as a Disposable object.

22.applicable for the establishment of quality management system of Disposable sterilized medical devices and the external quality commitment.

23.Disposable nappies are fairly straightforward to put on

24.this will have a positive impact on Disposable income.

25.in2001 the per-capita Disposable income of urban households more than doubled that in1990.

26.Disposable towels and razors

27.this is driven by increased Disposable income and wealth creation.

28.in figure 8-14 we show variations over time in the ratio of consumption to Disposable personal income.

29.and even in france, Disposable cigarette lighters are commonplace.

30.the use of Disposable products is considered ecologically unsound.

31.ancient discipline to twelve month Disposable december, the beginning of the dynasties of the time of the year was different.

32.stapled or "stitched-nailed" crates or cartons should not be used except for Disposable goods.

33.where are the Disposable cameras?

34.sharps: syringes, needles, Disposable scalpels and blades, etc.;

35.marginal propensity to consume is the effect on consumption of an additional dollar in Disposable income.

36.free Disposable cup and boiled water.

37.but first, i need to talk to you about what i consider one of the most egregious offenders in the Disposable plastics category.

38.activists argue that the Disposable chopstick habit could gradually be phased out on an individual basis.

39.this privileged, one-child generation has high Disposable income through work or inheriting all their parents 'assets.

40.because there is a difference between Disposable and untreated bamboo chopsticks ?.