Displacer Sentence Examples | Use Displacer in a sentence

1.differential pressure transmitters are preferred over Displacer type for low boiling point hydrocarbon liquids.

2.hydrocarbon vacuum cleaning technology& an ods Displacer

3.the homologue law in liquid chromatography was proved again from the new point of view of homologous Displacer in mobile phase.

4.internally mounted Displacer units shall be avoided except for extraordinary applications and shall only be used with approval by secco.

5.application of the heavy object Displacer in suspension work

6.by making use of the correlation technique of pseudorandom signal, the on line identification of moving damping of Displacer in a split cycle stirling cryocooler has been carried out in this paper.

7.the Displacer piston now moves, shunting the gas to the cold end of the cylinder.

8.the limited hydrolysates of λ-carrageenan as a Displacer for separation of proteins in displacement chromatography

9.operation theory and design of Displacer type water decanter in sbr technology

10.optimum clearance between the cylinder and the Displacer in the regenerative refrigerator

11.an experimental study on a two-stage g-m refrigerator operating in the liquid helium temperature region with the cold regenerator outside of the Displacer has been studied.

12.the model connects piston and Displacer by the damping factors due to interactive motion.

13."Displacer"( e) should be in the middle of it's travel up and down.

14.a stirling engine has a piston and a Displacer.

15.so comparing the adsorbed amount of various chromatographic columns, an optimal Displacer concentration should be selected.

16.control valve pneumatic Displacer liquid level controller

17.the "Displacer piston" moves the gas between the two ends and the "power piston" changes the internal volume as the gas expands and contracts.

18.elastic rubber ball acts as a volume Displacer , and 4-way reversing valve provides fast reversing and secure sealing.

19.in a stirling refrigerator, this phase angle is provided by the relative movement of the piston and the Displacer .