Dispiriting Sentence Examples | Use Dispiriting in a sentence

1.she stopt to blush and laugh at her own relapse, and then resumed a more serious, more Dispiriting cogitation upon what had been, and might be, and must be.

2.from congealed curry to cold pasta, you may think there's nothing more Dispiriting than a fridge full of leftovers.

3.this has been a Dispiriting campaign, where a few dozen swing constituencies have been targeted like battleground states in a us presidential election.

4.it was a bit Dispiriting to see so few people arriving for the meeting.

5.there is no more Dispiriting sight than a woman struggling in her shoes.

6.even as late as the early 1990s, watching television in the arab world was a Dispiriting business.

7.for the united states and the people of its beleaguered gulf coast, a Dispiriting summer of oil and anger lies dead ahead.

8.the results of china's first national pollution survey make for Dispiriting reading.

9.the fifth lesson is deeply Dispiriting: tory-or labour-led britain will retreat from the world.

10.Dispiriting research, he says, indicates that mba students actually become less ethical over the course of their education.

11.our lack of progress is very Dispiriting.

12.Dispiriting experiences like this will quickly damage the reputation of uk higher education abroad.

13.for mr vajpayee, who once said that his life's ambition was to see india take its place as a great nation, it must be very Dispiriting.

14.the prospects for southern europe are Dispiriting going on depressing.

15.perhaps most Dispiriting of all, virtually none of those interviewed acknowledges responsibility for what was done.

16.there are few things more Dispiriting, they say, than hearing of a woman's cries for help and being unable to find her.

17.it's very Dispiriting for anyone to be out of a job.

18.the conclusion is Dispiriting.

19.this policy is intended to conserve energy for more important challenges, but getting knocked out does appear to be Dispiriting.

20.we seek happiness, but too much of it leads to sorrow. we fly from suffering because too much of it is Dispiriting.

21.a dirty office loo is really Dispiriting.

22.that these thoughts should come from the author of what has been called the american creed seems particularly Dispiriting to those who hope we will, one day, overcome.

23.the response was Dispiriting: not a single buyer replied.

24.but stimulus measures such as temporary tax cuts for households or car scrappage schemes were Dispiriting wastes of scarce time and money.

25.a while ago i had a Dispiriting conversation with another eminent european scientist.

26.her apparent desire to record every event of significance sometimes results in a Dispiriting succession of military campaigns and diplomatic intrigues;

27.last year's results were most Dispiriting.

28.but there is an alternative and possibly more Dispiriting narrative: as exporting companies become more productive and move into higher-quality segments of the market, their willingness to use a lower exchange rate to increase their market share abroad diminishes.

29.this was probably the most trying and Dispiriting time in bruce's life.