Dispel Sentence Examples | Use Dispel in a sentence

1.mega man has always been a popular gaming franchise and it appears his jump onto the psp platform does nothing to Dispel this theory.

2.he was keen to Dispel any illusions we might have had.

3.she wanted to look light, Dispel any impression she might have given that she was a humourless prude.

4.if at the moment, you are with me, and i will Dispel all your complexities.

5.clear information in mass media will Dispel myths and combat fear and stigmas.

6.should Dispel this phenomenon progressively, the basic outlet lies in the institutional improvement.

7.teacher, preach, teach, Dispel doubt also.

8.the company is trying to Dispel rumour about a take-over.

9.let go of that which no longer serves and Dispel all thoughts of matters that do not belong within your energy of love.

10.with a mormon in the white house, that confusion would be harder to Dispel.

11.we've got to Dispel the myth that bullying is just a normal rite of passage -- that it's some inevitable part of growing up.

12.but none of these measures have managed to Dispel doubts over the very nature of the company.

13.strong tea can help to Dispel the effects of alcohol.

14.while most failed, they aroused resentment at chinese investors that is still difficult to Dispel.

15.we organized a feminist assembly to raise conscious-ness about women's issues and to Dispel the myths surrounding feminism.

16.i'm sorry to have to Dispel your romantic notions.

17.yet this alone will not Dispel the risks of contagion.

18.rather, he said, the museum's mission is to shape cultural attitudes and Dispel the bad rap that most people give math.

19.if you know your lover is loyal to you, you will also be competitive to Dispel other opponents.

20.let's take a look at some ways to Dispel negative energy and start thinking positively.

21.sorrows of your believers, you Dispel.

22."color page" is a good method in order to display cartoon and Dispel twinkle on the frame.

23.can Dispel inorganic and organic pollutants, as well as toxicant.

24.the president is attempting to Dispel the notion that he has neglected the economy.

25.the empty multi-phlegm, manage the spleen to Dispel phlegm;

26.perhaps more importantly, ms johnson sirleaf has not been able to Dispel the sense of disenfranchisement felt by many indigenous liberians.

27.it is time to Dispel the myth of a classless society.

28.it is interesting that doubting your doubt can work to Dispel the original doubt.

29.to start with we need to Dispel seven common misconceptions about language learning.

30.this study investigates the question of woman to Dispel the misunderstanding of female and build up the right image of sex.

31.this brief experiment would Dispel any further doubts you might entertain.

32.they had to work hard to allay the fears and Dispel suspicions on both sides.

33.the main aim of inbreeding is to standardise, to fix desirable inherited characteristics and to Dispel undesirable ones.

34.last night the wind was strong and rain was fine, sound sleep did not Dispel the taste of wine.

35.after half a month of medication and psychological treatment, zhang huan Dispel the doubts of many.

36.maybe on adding Dispel resistance, but i don't like adding it to this particular talent.

37.but i will wait for you, till sometime something Dispel ur misgivings.

38.this change was taken to make people Dispel their guess.

39.if you want to Dispel uncertainty, you have to do better than that.

40.truthful reports by the media can help Dispel their doubts.