Dismantled Sentence Examples | Use Dismantled in a sentence

1.and sat down on the Dismantled coffin.

2.rack-and-pinion steering gear and servo pump must not be repaired or Dismantled!

3.trade and the national economy thrive where barriers to competition are Dismantled.

4.public services of all kinds are being Dismantled.

5.mr trichet said the pace at which such measures were Dismantled had to be "commensurate" with financial market conditions.

6.then he robbed the body. after which he put the fatal knife in potter's open right hand, and sat down on the Dismantled coffin.

7.the house has been Dismantled of its walls and roofs.

8.the background is one in which many private and public monopolies have been Dismantled.

9.but when i saw the government completely Dismantled, i had to take responsibilities.

10.after the exhibition closed the bridge was Dismantled.

11.the headset can be Dismantled in4 separate pieces, which allows for compact and easy transportation.

12.i did it. i've Dismantled the bomb.

13.since the early 1990s, when india Dismantled the "licence raj" and opened up to foreign trade, indian business has boomed.

14.it has Dismantled tariff barriers.

15.the machinist Dismantled the machine to see where the problem is.

16.between 1990 and 1994 south africa Dismantled apartheid surprisingly peacefully.

17.the russians systematically Dismantled and shipped home much of the region's industrial machinery.

18.japan's war industries must be Dismantled;

19.over 290 business management bodies engaged in commercial activities were either completely Dismantled or handed over to local governments.

20.now portable drilling machines are set up and are then Dismantled and removed.

21.recovered electric and electronic products that have to be Dismantled and recycled shall be sold to qualified dismantling enterprises.

22.qatar have unveiled plans for modular stadiums that would be Dismantled and taken to countries with poor football infrastructure.

23.as you can see, this being Dismantled. we rehearsed here the last couple of days. tomorrow's the big day. we play in prague.

24.the plant was Dismantled of all its equipment and furniture.

25.all the damaged and Dismantled parts of the motor should be returned to the ship.

26.japan could improve productivity if it Dismantled restrictive regulations in sectors such as agriculture, healthcare and energy.

27.a church would also be Dismantled and moved inland.

28.singh said the cameras will have no negative environmental impact and be completely Dismantled upon the completion of the study.

29.he said he watched from his window as a team of chinese workers Dismantled and packed up his old workplace in 1998.

30.completely knocked down the whole equipment can be assembled and Dismantled in a matter of hours.

31.meanwhile, israeli military authorities Dismantled a key checkpoint that restricted access to the west bank city of jericho.

32.so we spent a lot of time in cleaning the new wardrobe and Dismantled the old one.

33.i Dismantled the radio, but i can't put it back together again.

34.did not pass our technological guidance, Dismantled and installed the part of the apparatus at will.

35.the interior minister said half the camps used illegally by roma travellers would be Dismantled within the next three months.

36.family values built cadbury into a world-class company; quick-buck shareholders have Dismantled it.

37.the missile was Dismantled within hours by bomb specialists at a nearby military base.

38.yes, i wanted to gather this model, but there is no instruction and i cannot be Dismantled.

39.scaffolds shall be built or Dismantled in a manner to prevent passage from under the scaffold.