Dismal Sentence Examples | Use Dismal in a sentence

1.those that did not lay off any lawyers have frozen hiring and squeezed more work out of their staff. so morale is Dismal at many firms.

2.but the Dismal deficit outlook poses a huge longer-term threat.

3.the Dismal weather hung on for days.

4.it is the cars and carmakers themselves and the Dismal performance of their executives that have undermined confidence.

5.africa will be the highlight of an otherwise Dismal year.

6.who could have thought that such a pretty rose could grow in a porter's lodge, or bloom in that Dismal old flower-pot of a shepherd's inn?

7.michigan, its fate yoked to that of carmakers, must observe its own Dismal calendar.

8.in china, not only cadillac but even buick, a Dismal mid-market brand at home, have allure.

9.it was a Dismal winter night. a pale moon hung low in the sky.

10.if it is not rectified, mr gates predicted, nato faces a "Dismal" future.

11.the Dismal performance of equities in recent years helped fuel a real estate bubble.

12.the financial results punctuate a Dismal year for the lenders, all of which are receiving state support.

13.in spite of a Dismal record at school, she narrowly squeaked into design school.

14.the Dismal labour market has not sapped the government's ardour for welfare reform, nor that of voters.

15.after my Dismal performance in my first year of university, i contemplated the reasons for my failure.

16.a look of disbelief came into his eyes, but was quickly replaced by one of Dismal surrender.

17.it was a Dismal failure.

18.a miserable or depressing place or situation. i lived two years in this Dismal condition.

19.and saw the Dismal spectacle.

20.this return of the undead brands is a Dismal sight and a rebuke to business.

21.i suppose it seems to you a kind of curse. it must be very Dismal.

22.celia, despite the Dismal surroundings, had a sense of sharing in a moment to be remembered.

23.talkback: have you recently said "i quit!" despite the Dismal job market?

24.my prospects of returning to a suitable job are Dismal

25."consumers' financial situations remain Dismal as the majority reported that their finances continued to worsen, " curtin said.

26.this gave currency markets some reason for optimism friday, despite the release of a Dismal january employment report.

27.but hester could not resolve the query, being herself in a Dismal labyrinth of doubt.

28.as mr diamond arrived at the slopes, back in london mervyn king was spelling out some Dismal economic truths.

29.they feel heroic, as if they've saved these kids from a Dismal existence, she said.

30.an otherwise Dismal earnings season is about to get a happy ending.

31.the main part of the hospital is pretty Dismal but the children's ward is really lively.

32.she listened to its Dismal threnody , tapping her teeth with her red pencil and watching rivulets snaking down the windowpanes.

33.japanese stocks are back in vogue, at least for now, despite lingering worries over Dismal economic prospects and the strong yen.

34.i'm rather keen to go on holiday in february because i think it's a very Dismal, depressing month.

35.that is, that you will act in this Dismal matter by my advice and direction.

36.you can't occupy yourself with Dismal thoughts all the time.

37.it was the least i could do for this perfect stranger, who had brought me out of a Dismal time with a mere flash of a smile.

38.he felt Dismal after reading a piece of bad news in the newspaper.

39.when the iron curtain came down, it revealed a Dismal world of sad people and cruel rulers.

40.the Dismal second-quarter data have markedly increased the chances of rating cuts in the future, they said.