Disjoint Sentence Examples | Use Disjoint in a sentence

1.a Disjoint multi-path routing algorithm in wireless sensor network

2.optical networks are more complicated than the traditional graph-theoretic networks with nodes and links, but their reliability can be effectively improved by the use of Disjoint paths.

3.adds to the collection of highlighted text in a text container that supports multiple, Disjoint selections.

4.db210 can now automatically reorganize Disjoint partition ranges of a partitioned table space.

5.experimental research on the filtering methods of the original collection of Disjoint literature-based discovery

6.a variant of this pattern in activity form could use an activity with several Disjoint input and output criteria& one for each branch of the gateways.

7.research on the Disjoint literature-based knowledge discovery method based on mesh weighting

8.Disjoint to put out of joint; dislocate.

9.however, as we progress into the third phase of gqm, we may be surprised to learn the degree to which seemingly Disjoint goals for development governance are grounded in a common measurement model.

10.a mashup application is architecturally comprised of three different participants that are logically and physically Disjoint ( they are likely separated by both network and organizational boundaries): api/ content providers, the mashup site, and the client's web browser.

11.formally, horizontal partitioning or sharding p ( d) of a dataset d is a decomposition of d into n mutually Disjoint sets di such that

12.edge Disjoint circuit union

13.second, rup extends this definition by defining analysis classes in three Disjoint categories: as entity, controller, and boundary classes.

14.methods of decomposing a complete graph k_ ( 2n+ 1) into n edge Disjoint hamiltonian cycles

15.to Disjoint, slice, and serve meat or poultry. the flesh of the legs of fowl used as food.

16.creates two or more polygons that are filled using the current polygon-filling mode. the polygons may be Disjoint or they may overlap.

17.according to the analyses of Disjoint path set for manet, we propose a transmission scope overlapped based definition of Disjoint path;

18.maximal Disjoint systems in riesz spaces and representation theory

19.a new algorithm for generating the sum of Disjoint products is proposed.

20.the sum of Disjoint products method is efficient for computing the reliability of a network.

21.furthermore, we utilize the reliability theory to analyze the route reliabilities of Disjoint and non-Disjoint multipath routings.

22.edge Disjoint cut-set union

23.barham's implementation simply looks for relatively short, Disjoint sequences of characters in a small set (alphanumeric plus a few others).

24.causes and measures of beam distortion and bearing Disjoint of curved bridge with little radius

25.the method can generate Disjoint sums by constructing a branching tree.

26.algorithms of Disjoint literature-based discovery system

27.barham's implementation simply looks for relatively short, Disjoint sequences of characters in a small set ( alphanumeric plus a few others).

28.a terminal may receive at least one message indicating whether Disjoint links are supported by at least one sector.

29.with an eye to the Disjoint of law and practice , chapter 1 demonstrates that the adjudicative power shall belong to adjudicator de jure.

30.an advertising platform is also a special case of a two-sided network connecting two Disjoint markets of on-line users and advertisers.

31.the Disjoint collections of code and data reside within explicit boundaries called services.

32.a poset is called a symmetric chain decomposition if the poset can be expressed as a Disjoint union of symmetric chains.

33.the existence of ( p~ n, 4,2) Disjoint difference families

34.Disjoint paths weight accumulating algorithm is proved to be effective in correlation computing by analyzing the results of the experiments.

35.and we improve Disjoint design codebook by feedback time delay.

36.the results show that the comparator is strongly code Disjoint only if errors in the non-code inputs are undirectional.

37.a few great leaders can handle leadership and management, but in general good managers and good leaders form Disjoint sets.

38.the training sets are both larger and partially Disjoint from the testing collections.

39.task 3 produces a or b as two alternative outputs in two Disjoint output criteria, i. e. , it behaves like an exclusive decision.

40.yes, but it isn't immediately obvious as the set of possible mpl sequences isn't inherently Disjoint from the set of callable builtin types.