Disembarking Sentence Examples | Use Disembarking in a sentence

1.after Disembarking, we traveled inland to chacchoben, one of the many mayan ruins that have made the region famous.

2.the passengers will be Disembarking from deck 5.

3.the passengers later were seen Disembarking from the plane.

4.they were Disembarking equipment in northern france.

5.on Disembarking, the pic noted the cowls of both engines and the underside of both wings and flaps immediately behind the engines were covered in engine oil.

6.anybody Disembarking is obliged to show his pass to the maritime police with local authorities' visa.

7.before Disembarking from the plane, vickers changes into her work clothing, then dons a pair of high heels.

8.articles carried by the person embarking or Disembarking the inbound and outbound means of transport shall be declared to the customs accurately and subject to customs examination.

9.Disembarking pass for crew on the ship of joint venture

10.how long will the Disembarking procedure take?

11.one sometimes runs aground when one fancies that one is Disembarking

12.participants were Disembarking from the rustic train that chugs into the alpine ski resort just as all hell was breaking loose back home.