Discriminated Sentence Examples | Use Discriminated in a sentence

1.first tell the person who Discriminated against you why you think their behavior was wrong.

2.discrimination is never much fun if one is among those who are being Discriminated against.

3.i dream that one day people of all origins can live in harmony and peace without being Discriminated against or persecuted.

4.their claims meet the core test: they have in common the question of whether wal-mart Discriminated against them.

5.how do you know she believes life has Discriminated against her?

6.you would then have to show that you had not Discriminated – which is almost impossible to do.

7.nixon dismayed everyone but Discriminated against no one.

8.i felt like a rube but nobody Discriminated me.

9.blacks are still widely Discriminated against in some countries.

10.black, brown and yellow people threatened, stole from and Discriminated against each other.

11.miss perrett argued that this policy Discriminated against women.

12.it was alleged that the restaurant Discriminated against black customers.

13.the consequence of discrimination is that people who have been Discriminated will lose an equal opportunity.

14.the court did not deny that ledbetter had been Discriminated against.

15.the study is part of professor ryan's research into why women, ethnic minorities, the disable and the elderly are Discriminated against in society and what they can do to avoid it.

16.the divorce laws Discriminated against women and working people.

17.joe miller: have you ever felt Discriminated against at wyatt wheeler?

18.if they practiced han chauvinism and Discriminated against the minority peoples, which would be very bad.

19.judge the appropriateness of the questions and whether you think you are being Discriminated against.

20.his great size Discriminated him from his followers.

21.muslims also complain of being Discriminated against in jobs.

22.the afro-american were Discriminated and oppressed in the slavery.

23.have you ever been hated, or Discriminated against?

24.indeed, wen jiabao, premier, met a delegation of european companies in april and said they would not be Discriminated against.

25.though howard thought he should not be Discriminated against, he knew he was deserving.

26.she claims she has been Discriminated against in pay.

27.he went to the industrial tribunal to seek redress for the way his employers had Discriminated against him.

28.workers representatives are not Discriminated against and have access to carry out their representative functions in the workplace.

29.she said that which can be proved by evidence is men be gaining to ask same option as women, and more claimed be sex-Discriminated.

30.and accordingly, existing different ionic radius value can be Discriminated and a few reference value of ionic radius reckoned.

31.she felt she had been Discriminated against because of her age.

32.i Discriminated against japanese women, italian women, women with criminal records, women who did not bathe regularly.

33.often, i helped those who had been maltreated by their union or Discriminated against by an employer.

34.three groups Discriminated by risk attitude are risk averter, risk balancer and risk lover.

35.have you ever Discriminated against someone?

36.what should you do if you think you have been Discriminated against?

37.it Discriminated some misunderstanding on the concept, made technical research on optimize system design, and put forward several feasible solutions.

38.he Discriminated in favour of some of his friends.

39.it's easy to say that women are just being Discriminated against, but could it be that there's more to it?