Discreditable Sentence Examples | Use Discreditable in a sentence

1.by analyzing Discreditable behavior in the terms of economy, the reason was found out that Discreditable behavior resulted from non-equivalent information, unclear property right and that the income exceeded the cost.

2.consider someone capable of doing something Discreditable

3.his marks were not at all Discreditable.

4.Discreditable conduct, methods, tactics, etc

5.investigation on the tolerability to college students 'Discreditable behaviors

6.the Discreditable actions of our cpa is an expression of lack of social credit.

7.now it takes me, at the very least, two hours to get out the door. but this is starting to sound like complaining, which is Discreditable.

8.she had been suspended from her job for Discreditable behaviour.

9.so it has become the imperative thing to prevent the frequent emergence of Discreditable behaviors.

10.perfecting personal credit system, in order to eliminate people ′ s doubts of personal credit registry, promote the free flow of information and information sharing, realize the effective supervision on credit market, prompting market subjects to focus on their own credit, avoid Discreditable behavior.

11.therefore, from legal and moral aspects, the double regulation to litigant participants of Discreditable behavior, enhancing people obey the law and integrity idea, and further perfecting social integrity system, all of which have become the urgent need of strengthening the legal system construction.

12.the necessity and impendency of the credit construction is particularly projected by both the non-spontaneous forming of good social credit and the obstacle to the healthy development of market economy brought by the Discreditable behavior.

13.they felt as though they had done something Discreditable and unclean.

14.the third part analyzes the present situation of the financial credit in our enterprises and points out the causes for some Discreditable financial actions in some enterprises.

15.plagiarism , n. a literary coincidence compounded of a Discreditable priority and an honorable subsequence .

16.the difference between a moral man and a man of honour is that the latter regrets a Discreditable act even when it has worked.

17.owing to the imperfect market system, the Discreditable behaviors appear in our country and there is a tendency to deteriorate our credit circumstance, which will keep our economy from developing.

18.economic analysis about Discreditable behavior

19.it is a mistake to suppose that there is anything Discreditable in this.

20.new explanation of forming and administering of cpa's Discreditable action

21.secondly , the government had ignored all available alternatives to war , which in some ways was a more Discreditable thing still .

22.the Discreditable actions of some readers not only disturb the normal order of library services, but also destroy the other readers 'rights and interests.

23.there is nothing Discreditable in that.

24.that we could not turn them over to france or germany-our commercial rivals in the orient-that would be bad business and Discreditable;

25.in order to build credit society, blow Discreditable behavior, establishing personal credit system is imperative.

26.the difference between a moral man and a man of honour is that the latter regrets a Discreditable act even when it has work.

27.we know that in a single game, because of each transaction subjects limited reason, he would prefer to make use of their own advantages to maximize their self-interest, the lack of long-term expectations, which cause Discreditable behavior.