Discovered Sentence Examples | Use Discovered in a sentence wife and i Discovered some superb places to eat

2.i Discovered an addiction to housework which i had never felt before.

3.he was jealous when he Discovered that she loved someone else.

4.jenny, because she was jenny, was clearly hoping that if the doctor Discovered a problem, it would be on her side and not on mine.

5.he succeeded with the aid of a completely new method he Discovered

6.the director Discovered a rich vein of sentimentality

7.undersecretary for the environment kitty poon was the first official Discovered by the media to have an illegal structure on her property.

8.he had Discovered politics and was rapidly becoming absorbed by it

9.astronomers have Discovered a distant galaxy.

10.nasa Discovered a mathematical error in its calculations

11.he surmised that he had Discovered one of the illegal streets.

12.while searching the house they Discovered an unlicensed shotgun and a licensed rifle.

13.the children who were spoon-fed consumerism have Discovered that the years of excess are over.

14.if oil or gold are Discovered under your lot, you can sell the mineral rights.

15.all truths are easy to understand once they are Discovered; the point is to discover them.

16.the mines had first been worked in 1849, when gold was Discovered in california

17.she Discovered that they'd escaped was only an hour or so later that i Discovered that my gun was missing

19.harvey Discovered the circulation of the blood.

20.i also Discovered the very angry raccoon that lives near my porch. he doesn't like it when you almost fall on top of him.

21.he claimed he had been set up after drugs were Discovered at his home

22.the suspense over the two remaining hostages ended last night when the police Discovered the bullet ridden bodies. happy coincidence, robert met richard and julia and Discovered they were experiencing similar problems.

24.he made some inquiries and Discovered she had gone to the continent

25.thankfully the government still hasn't Discovered a way of slapping a tax on love, sunshine or air.

26.i never have enough of the soap dishes that drain (i don't like the plate types), and i "Discovered" this by accident.

27.his wife has never Discovered she has married to a dustman and she never will, for alf has just found a new job. fact, the well-being has been at my side, but i do not have to be Discovered, and now make good use of her well-being of it!

29.i Discovered i was pregnant a four-year-old, ki's raw talents in the force were Discovered by the mysterious jedi master known only as the dark woman.

31.she Discovered the problem by accident

32.they Discovered how to form the image in a thin layer on the surface.

33.he then he threw the apple out with all his might. coincidentally, it hit newton smack on the head and newton Discovered the law of gravity. was Discovered that the tapes were missing.

35.a few days ago, too, two bombs were Discovered at the party office premises. they did not go off.

36.under the coating of dust and cobwebs, he Discovered a fine french louis xvi clock.

37.scientists have Discovered remarkable new evidence showing how the body rebuilds itself while we sleep the 19th century, gold was Discovered in california