Discoverable Sentence Examples | Use Discoverable in a sentence

1.such a gateway's web services or more specifically, its proxies for the services are also Discoverable.

2.a service is a Discoverable resource that executes a repeatable task, and is described by an externalized service specification.

3.there are elements out there that are Discoverable it makes it feel much more alive and much more dynamic.

4.however, the truth Discoverable through an aesthetic experience is distinguishable from the truth that science provides us.

5.with the emergence of web services, the back-end enterprise applications are exposed as Discoverable and callable business services through the use of wsdl.

6.that is, there is no Discoverable connection between the work pertaining to a specific feature and an actual requirement for that feature.

7.soa is an architectural concept in which all functions, or services, are defined using a description language and where their interfaces are Discoverable over a network.

8.ebay makes features Discoverable by placing them in the context in which users will be most likely to try them out.

9.the soa reference model provides a foundation for building Discoverable, reusable services central to a federal agency's mission.

10.hinchcliffe discusses five potential scenarios including;" information in a soa becomes crawlable, searchable, and Discoverable "and" open apis expose woa's directly to partners. " either case, you can look up in a Discoverable service directory which project a team member is working on or has worked on, and the objectives and goals of each project., among the trees and in the undergrowth, are rows of shallow depressions, Discoverable by removing the accumulated forest leaves.

13.when realized through technology, the term service applies to a software resource (Discoverable) with an externalized specification. its name implies, jps returns the vmids for all Discoverable java processes running on a given machine. and discoverability: as they go through their life cycle, services are hosted and Discoverable, as supported by services metadata, registries and repositories.

16.a service is a software resource (Discoverable) with an externalized service description.

17.a fire in the deep and serene dark night, making it Discoverable for him: the colour of scarlet is really not lonely.

18.make sure your cell phone is Discoverable.

19.all tasks, but especially frequent tasks, should be readily Discoverable within the user interface.

20.such a gateway's web services -- or more specifically, its proxies for the services -- are also Discoverable.

21.the information service is easily Discoverable by potential consumers across the organization.

22.note on security: when dynamic discovery is enabled, all xml web services and discovery documents existing on the web server beneath the requested url are Discoverable.

23.soa is a design pattern composed of loosely coupled, Discoverable, reusable, inter-operable, platform-agnostic services via web services standards.

24.hath she any Discoverable principle of being? help make this more Discoverable, we add a link to our comment collection feed that indicates where this form's processing endpoint is available.

26.a service is a software resource ( Discoverable) with an externalized service description.

27.after development, the project moves to the deployment stage during which the developed components are exposed as publishable, location-transparent, and Discoverable services.

28.i am aware that my point is so prominent as to be Discoverable immediately.

29.these self-describing and Discoverable capabilities of web services are very different from previous integration approaches.

30.the tokens themselves are not exposed as objects, but their type and properties are Discoverable through methods on the cursor.

31.all those things are Discoverable, and sometimes people don't like giving out all that information.

32.making services Discoverable by providing complete human and machine-readable specifications published to a service registry ( see the following parts of this series for more information).

33.what happens when the efficient menu-driven user experience of the blackberry meets the Discoverable new user experience of finger-driven touch?

34.indeed, friedman lived long enough to see a reaction against basing economics on Discoverable numerical relationships and the revival of so-called austrian methods which concentrated on predicting general features of interacting systems on the lines of biology and linguistics.

35.when realized through technology, the term service applies to a software resource ( Discoverable) with an externalized specification.