Discourteous Sentence Examples | Use Discourteous in a sentence

1.a deliberate Discourteous act ( usually as an expression of anger or disapproval).

2.he was quite the most Discourteous young man i have ever met.

3.arrive prematurely, can make superior embarrassed because of preparing to did not finish; do not arrive tardy, can let superior had waited again long and Discourteous.

4.the lions said, it is definitely Discourteous!

5.they have every right to do so, of course, and it seems Discourteous not to use their new names if they expressly ask you to.

6.you should apologize for your Discourteous behaviours.

7.lateness is Discourteous to your classmates and to your professor.

8.staff are often Discourteous and sometimes downright rude.

9.( of a person or his manner) cold and unfriendly; aloof a distant and at times Discourteous young.

10.short -sighted , no long- term interests, Discourteous, love avail oneself of loopholes, chaos huyou, prices, muddle through, irresponsible.

11.yes Discourteous to others, boluosuo of open invitation for a time close foremost is a good thing.

12.i realised i had allowed a Discourteous pause to develop.

13.turkey has demanded that israel apologise over what it called the "Discourteous" way its ambassador was treated during a diplomatic meeting.

14.no - it simply appears to me to be Discourteous to. . . to wear the symbol of a deity long dead.

15.a distant and at times Discourteous young.

16.when the count returned, natasha showed a Discourteous relief at seeing him, and made haste to get away.

17.xvii. any Discourteous behaviour from a member of an official delegation can earn the disqualification of a competitor, the entire team, or delegation from the tournament.

18.the above telephone conversation is not only Discourteous, but also hurts business prospects.

19.a Discourteous manner that ignores accepted social usage.

20.mr kingman's performance was described by committee members as "dozy" and "Discourteous" .

21.one to whom life has been Discourteous.

22.where once he had been prompt, courteous and patient, he was now rude, Discourteous and impatient.

23.it would be Discourteous to ignore his request.

24.europe's grudging attitude to the new president is not only Discourteous. it is unwise and self-defeating.