Discounting Sentence Examples | Use Discounting in a sentence

1.non-Discounting methods ignore the time value of money, whereas Discounting methods explicitly consider it.

2.mainstream mortgage-backed securities are another obvious asset class: the market is Discounting worst-case default rates and mortgage markets need a transfusion.

3.interest and discount income a/ c Discounting of accounts receivable

4.many us companies are suspicious of Discounting.

5.even goldessential told dow jones newswires: 'we don't attach much importance to it, ' adding that it was Discounting the news as a rumor.

6.sme loans, bills Discounting, finance lease, and personal consumption loan guarantees.

7.falling raw milk prices caused by a supply glut have boosted margins more than Discounting hit revenues.

8.investors appeared to be Discounting the events in the region, however, to focus on issues closer to home.

9.he added that retailers had done a "tremendous amount" of Discounting and marketing.

10.the cause of these disasters is Discounting or ignoring the system's non-functional requirements.

11.a study on the pricing and risks of Discounting commercial bills without recourse

12.although a strong yen has hurt exporters 'competitiveness, the rapid recovery taking place in asia and Discounting by japanese firms has supported export growth.

13.equities are not cheap and markets are Discounting the more optimistic scenario for growth.

14.merchants desperate to pull in shoppers started Discounting holiday goods last month.

15.we can leave the whole matter of Discounting out of account.

16.another Discounting model is the internal rate of return method.

17.but more important than buzz is availability and Discounting.

18.but although Discounting has helped offset even steeper declines, it has eaten up the revenues of hotel chains and of the government. far most analysts say the season's Discounting was not out of line, boding well for retailers' results.

20.Discounting provides a way of comparing a cost today with a benefit next year or ten years from now.

21.this has hit mass-market retailers, which had initially managed to offset the impact of the recession on revenues through Discounting.

22.for a premium brand, too much Discounting can be detrimental to the image.

23.the market share gains by copenhagen and skoal came in part because of aggressive price Discounting by philip morris.

24.this concept, based on participation incentives and credit, not a discount, could avoid the Discounting issue.

25.the us fixed income market is Discounting a cut in the fed funds to3%, so a lot of news is already reflected in bond prices.

26.alistair seems to agree that there is no Discounting the fact that unit tests are important.

27.of course , there is nothing wrong with Discounting real cash flows at a real discount rate , although this is not commonly done .

28.wholesale Discounting across the board will only lead to diminishing revenues and profits, " he said. " focus on competitive strengths.

29.Discounting bills of exchange is a way of lending and borrowing money.

30.where the effect of the time value of money is material, the best estimate is determined by Discounting the related future cash flow.

31.effective implementation of station Discounting policies in line with country discount authority guidelines.

32.businessman: yes, please, i'd like to get some information about Discounting a bill of exchange.

33.otherwise, the seller has to send all the negotiating documents to abn amro bank, shanghai for Discounting.

34.merchants didn't like the effect constant Discounting had on their brand.

35.carmakers had also made progress in other areas, such as revamping car rental sales, improving their Discounting discipline and financial restructuring.

36.but such heavy Discounting alarms carmakers.

37.although the move smacks of desperation, gm is not the only firm hoping that Discounting can help it weather a sluggish global economy.

38.that opens up kors to more Discounting, which can hurt a brand's image.

39.we are seeing less Discounting and markdowns and more signs of increasing consumer confidence.

40.all across the developed world, corporate bond yields appear to be Discounting defaults on a scale that defies common sense.