Disarray Sentence Examples | Use Disarray in a sentence

1.washington has been abuzz with stories about Disarray inside the white house.

2.he tried to tidy up, not wanting the maid to see the Disarray

3.the troops fled in Disarray.

4.the contradictory statements are symptoms of Disarray in the administration.

5.the peace talks broke up in Disarray.

6.moreover, at a time when co-operation among the authorities is essential, the appearance of Disarray is itself damaging to confidence.

7.this would add to the Disarray in world markets.

8.it was touching to see such a crowd prostrate in Disarray on the ground and the high priest in great anguish.

9.it all goes well behind the scenes, although outwardly you could be forgiven for thinking that there was total Disarray everywhere.

10.but within a few days the conference had petered out in Disarray.

11."i have to say it's a place in Disarray, " said a 35-year-old gay man who used to be a frequent visitor.

12.thrown into a state of Disarray or confusion.

13.the president's pragmatism has thrown arena, which had united for years around fear of the fmln, into Disarray.

14.maybe, for once, it is chinese policy that is in Disarray.

15.painting in shades of grey sifting through the Disarray can i find enough of me to make you stay?

16.changing offices has left my papers in complete Disarray.

17.recent changes caused such Disarray that the arrangements that once went smoothly are unreliable.

18.this, is indeed what i am calling here the movement of haste in the bad sense of the term, that of Disarray.

19.without you, there might be total Disarray and confusion.

20.the collapse of the stability and growth pact has left european fiscal policy in Disarray.

21.the left appears to be in Disarray in many of the biggest eu countries despite the recession.

22.data must be continually managed, or it will fall into Disarray.

23.he found the room in Disarray, with food dumped on the floor and drawers pulled open.

24.the nation is in Disarray following rioting led by the military

25.12,000 crossed the border in one day alone, throwing evacuation plans into Disarray

26.global financial markets are in Disarray but prospects for innovation in the real economy have never been more robust.

27.she was left lying on her side and her clothes were in Disarray

28.i don't accept that nato is in Disarray.

29.mandalay's grimy Disarray belies its role as burma's cultural and religious centre of buddhism.

30.she rushed out of the burning house with her clothes in Disarray.

31.by the time i left for college, my family was in profound Disarray.

32.the news had thrown his plans into Disarray.

33.they held a dinner party, but it resulted in Disarray.

34.widespread political and economic Disarray threatens to make the constitution meaningless

35.it isn't clear how much the banks and securities firms knew about the Disarray at the libyan fund.

36.painting in shades of grey, sifting through the Disarray can i find enough of me to make you stay. . .

37.libya's rebel movement, meanwhile, appeared to be in Disarray after the mysterious death of their chief military commander.

38.this earthquake led to a once-paralyzed government, power vacancy and social order in Disarray.

39.third, monetary policy provided stimulus despite continued Disarray in the banking system.