Disapproved Sentence Examples | Use Disapproved in a sentence

1.it was a middle-class place, full of people who looked as if they Disapproved of pubs.

2.though neighbours Disapproved of his vagaries, they did not treat him with hostility , as they might have done a stranger.

3.her mother Disapproved of her working in a pub

4.his mother Disapproved of his plan to go away to college.

5.my teacher Disapproved of my idea for the school play.

6.he had to face up to the fact that his family Disapproved of his wife.

7.i worried that if any of my family Disapproved, it might become impossible for me to write anything at all.

8.often people refused to speak to us in the tea room because they Disapproved of what we were doing.

9.however i Disapproved, i couldn't hinder her: indeed, how could she have refused him herself?

10.my parents Disapproved of my marriage.

11.at the time, arnold had Disapproved of such levity.

12.she Disapproved of my plan.

13.mary's father Disapproved of fair and said that he had no wish to chuck his daughter away on such a person.

14.if you get a response, you know if your credit card information is approved or Disapproved.

15.together with the people of all sections of society, we Disapproved of that kind of national assembly.

16.the prime minister made it clear that he Disapproved.

17.but as much as the doctor Disapproved of scarlett, he never suspected her of drinking.

18.her parents Disapproved her marriage to jimmy.

19.if he Disapproved of timmy, as he had of me, the breach between us would be complete.

20.a majority of men and women Disapproved of the idea of a women earning money if she had a husband capable of supporting her.

21.the web site you have entered already exists in your list of approved and Disapproved web sites.

22.and though he Disapproved of his son's foolish display of anger, the tantrum served a purpose.

23.they were conscious that he Disapproved.

24."i thought your side Disapproved of guns, " said crowley. he took the gun from the angel's plump hand and sighted along the stubby barrel.

25.they Disapproved of my dragging in his wealth

26.he Disapproved of mother's going out to work.

27.my mother's always Disapproved of the way i dress.

28.jack's father Disapproved of his marriage to jane.

29.xiao zhang's parents Disapproved of his new boyfriend.

30.60 percent of the respondents said they Disapproved of the president's performance.

31.i Disapproved even more of the way you chose to leave.

32.the other directors Disapproved of his methods.

33.he Disapproved of your plan.

34.his parents Disapproved of the marriage because of ill-matched horoscopes.

35.my parents Disapproved of tom and me going out.

36.helen's mother Disapproved of tom and said that she had no wish to chuck her daughter away on such.

37.they Disapproved of the marriage, and could not be expected to countenance it.