Disable Sentence Examples | Use Disable in a sentence

1.you are prompted to enable or Disable unsigned macros.

2.and if you Disable the automatic compensation or have damaged thrusters, you might have to play "lunar landing" with your ship.

3.if i don't Disable the controls, the user might try to save or navigate away from an unfinished record, leading to an exception.

4.the question is when you should enable or Disable a button.

5.here you can Disable and enable plugins as needed.

6.although Disabled by polio during the second world war, proctor was also a first-rate helmsman.

7.Disable script commands to be invoked and rich media stream content when playing in a web page.

8.within this file, you can enable and Disable the assert or set the name of its log file.

9.however, you can Disable one or both options by clearing the checkboxes.

10.valid password characters include all printable characters and the null character, which is used to Disable password functionality.

11.sealing the entrances to a tunnel system is often the simplest way to Disable it.

12.to uninstall a plug-in, you first have to Disable it.

13.allows you to enable and Disable the wizard create button, so that the user can not click it.

14.switching off audit log and cei means to Disable the intended means to do auditing and monitoring.

15.enable or Disable the replay directory.

16.try to enable or Disable one application at a time in a test server, to see which applications need to be active for the problem to occur.

17.you may also be able to Disable or enable certain features.

18.this enables her to create new csrs in this organization, modify existing csrs, and enable and Disable accounts for her csrs.

19.you can Disable verification in a setup script and re-enable verification in a cleanup script.

20.you can add and remove bookmarks, activate or Disable bookmarks, and organize bookmarks into folders.

21.you can use device manager to remove or Disable devices and their drivers.

22.you cannot Disable the default endpoints, but you can stop and start them.

23.ssh supports numerous, diverse methods and techniques for authentication that you can enable or Disable.

24.you can selectively enable and Disable specific components at runtime to improve efficiency.

25.you can Disable videos, photos, mms, application install and uninstall, and in-app purchases.

26.you can also Disable this warning under the java compiler section in the workspace preferences.

27.you can now select these features in the install configuration view and Disable them.

28.periodically Disable email and texting.

29.you must Disable automatic plug-in file generation and propagation.

30.this also makes it easy to Disable certain things on legacy browsers or other unsupported mobile devices.

31.it would obliterate shields, but it had to be followed by a plasma bolt to damage or Disable.

32.most modern web browsers either have a built-in option to Disable javascript or have a plug-in available.

33.learn to selectively enable and Disable code analysis warnings.

34.developed countries as early as the early 1990s began to Disable oil finish, in the total quantity of water-borne light oil too.

35.remove, Disable and turn off yahoo!

36.it is usually better to Disable rule categories or individual rules that you do not want applied to your project.

37.if you choose to Disable and uninstall the module, all the flits and associated nodes are purged.

38.this is the default; you can enable or Disable gradient backgrounds in the view menu.

39.don't expect to be able to advance to the next page unless you Disable validation or enter a valid credit card number.

40.she did all this tendon damage and it really Disabled her