Dirk Sentence Examples | Use Dirk in a sentence

1.Dirk kuyt believes the use of his mother tongue could see him forge a lethal understanding with luis suarez.

2.Dirk might not be the best power forward a year from now, but today, no one can touch him.

3.i had no sympathy for blanche stroeve, but knew that it would only pain poor Dirk if i told him exactly what i thought of her.

4.in addition to internal instability, jerry yang and Dirk also facing pressure from shareholders.

5.if Dirk could follow rafa when he becomes the next coach of juventus? i don't know. i cannot answer these questions now.

6."i've always been a fan of Dirk. he's had a bit of a bad time, but now he is doing what he does best, " he added.

7.Dirk's eyes flickered towards the pistol

8.feyenoord captain Dirk kuyt admits he's in the dark over where he'll be playing next season.

9.fernando torres, glen johnson, Dirk kuyt and martin skrtel have all been declared fit for saturday's tea-time encounter with west ham united.

10.Dirk operates from antwerp, belgium and sends out his lego art all over europe.

11.i see more Dirk than bosh. i'll take either though. i too was encouraged.

12."last season we were scoring last minute goals but this time Dirk hit the post and it wasn't to be, " he said.

13.former liverpool captain alan hansen believes Dirk kuyt deserves praise for his attitude and endeavour in recent weeks.

14.liverpool have made a new move for feyenoord striker Dirk kuyt.

15.nancy wasn't sure if Dirk was making a pass at her.

16.viewers will remember the dashing hero, Dirk, risking life and limb to rescue daphne from the dragons.

17.and what about the dallas mavericks and Dirk nowitzki?

18.Dirk kuyt, par excellence, is a team player, " he said. " he is the example of a true and genuine team player.

19.when he grew rich, Dirk cast away his old friends.

20."Dirk was signed as a centre-forward, but has adapted to liverpool's system by playing wide on the right, " he said.

21.liverpool could have taken the lead earlier had tim howard not produced a fine save to deny Dirk kuyt from the penalty spot on the stroke of half-time.

22.and miami knew that if they controlled Dirk, they have a good chance to win.

23.Dirk kuyt's flicked header just cleared the bar before alex came on for his chelsea debut in place of malouda.

24.he found a wood-and-leather sheath that fit and slipped the Dirk inside.

25.i bet Dirk bogarde didn't distemper his mother's bedspread!

26.what do you suppose the mavs would do for30 games without Dirk nowitzki?

27.you would cross your catalan knife with his Dirk.

28."it was a great start for us and some great build-up play between Dirk and alberto aquilani, " he said.

29.barry's speech followed Dirk bogarde's appearance, and was an inevitable anticlimax

30.as soon as they were safely back to shore, Dirk raced for the nearest phone.

31.agger joins teammates steven gerrard and Dirk kuyt who have recently committed their long term future to the club.

32.goals from peter crouch, gerrard and Dirk kuyt secured victory but the skipper was quick to praise pennant's contribution after the final whistle.

33.he had more heart than Dirk nowitzki.

34.then he chuckled and added: "unless they were going to send me here to dallas with Dirk (nowitzki), you know what i mean? "

35.Dirk took pity on me and let me stay at his house.

36.and Dirk's fund paid to have some cysts removed.

37.a newspaper report recently used the term to describe tireless forward Dirk kuyt-and benitez believes it was spot on.

38.another positive sign was a statement by mr Dirk.

39.we were looking at Dirk for a long time and i'm pleased we have signed him because he will be a good player for us.